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The fact it even wiggled means he's worthy, its just not the t… +759 doctors hate him +629
HES PRACTICING FOR WHEN HE BECOME HOMELESS. … +563 tumblr in a nutshell +530
this isn't a prank, he didn't grab random people's ass's in pu… +487 He was caught on tape for getting caught on tape +468
This is the type of prank that wont get anyone killed. +449 * fixed +421
I prefer Rolling Bush Simulator 2003 +420 nah bruh mjolnir can only be wielded by those worthy. +416
Picture +412 ARE YOU ******* SORRY?! +392
**allnamesrtaken rolls 6** +386 Joke's on them, my dick is too small to touch the sides. +341
**nighthawxx rolled image ** my costume +340 calling it now >all the avengers get there asses handed… +323
How many ******* accounts do you have man +310 >2014 >Not ******* the vegetables the f… +310
what a good prank. noone gets hurt, noone is scarred for life.… +302 This guy was weird. +279
I feel like they intentionally made him look like a little hip… +270 Wow these are excellent. I never got a tattoo because..well, I… +260
>Someone buys something expensive >Others cannot aff… +249 Picture +246
In the morning wood section... "Although the sci… +246 I don't know what you're trying to achieve here but remember t… +234
that's pretty adorable +230 Or just buy one of the (non-electric) and cheap coin counters … +227
You honestly can't be mad at pranks like this. As oppose… +219 Picture +218
Picture +216 I'm just going to throw in my 2 cents because everyone else is… +210
wasn't this by the furry feminist. and on that point wasn't th… +209 But the detail... +207
ISIS smart bomb +206 maybe... maybe our police don't get shot by crackhe… +204
[SPEAKING IN FRENCH] +202 Those places are RIDDLED with spiders and insects. I cannot im… +200
Picture +195 >I call it >An Ode to FunnyJunk +194
Hell no I did not leave the south side for this +193 **xxjmacxx rolled image ** I think you meant to roll this, m8 +191
Its ******* dumb enough to work. +189 Picture +186
Picture +186 I liked you more when you were being a huge faggot +180
Picture +176 His bombs are sweaty, Knees weak, vest is heavy, He's … +175
Picture +168 Well I tried. +166
Picture +165 Mate Arabs have been doing this for years, Most of the theatri… +165
for the kids +164 r u even try any more +164
where will you be when diarrhea strikes? +162 Picture +158
last one +158 >Try this next +155
Everybody gets one +153 Picture +152
Picture +151 Why would you summon this evil? +151
Picture +148 mfw lego on the front page i'm workin on the next bui… +147
Picture +146 It took me a second to realize that those pigs feet weren't mi… +145
Ummmm, pretty sure thats a projector +145 Picture +144
**chiefecho rolls 11** +143 No matter what culture you look at, there will always be smart… +142
Picture +138 >rapist removes it before insertion well, that was effective +137
She says it like she's ******* surprised that he … +135 Picture +132
<3 +131 Picture +131
>Extraordinary young sir knight >But can thou pullet… +129 Well, it depends on how stable the area is on which our hands … +128
Picture +127 The girl who corrected her personally screencapped it. I hate … +126

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