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4 plates of what? Meat loaf? +756 >title That's because it was only shown in Germany… +486
Doesn't really help if no one else has a super power. +436 I guess that makes me a pans-sexual +408
im actually 19 +371 Because he didn't whine like a little shithead when she said no. +334
I've been considering starting a 'dental privilege' tumblr, sa… +323 what a horrible gif you have +321
This kind of shit pisses me off more than anything else femini… +291 I fall for this fucking post every time. 9/10 would r… +277
I'd go with Earth. Water is the most practical for day to … +271 how are you guys actually falling for this shit? she's a b… +261
If The Rock is one person, how could he be on both Smackdown … +260 Picture +248
Oh snap if this comes out then the whole of FJ is gonna get fl… +246 Picture +235
YOU ARE NOT APE! +231 nah man. i don't see it +217
considering that it's beak isn't curved slightly downwards (Ch… +214 I made this when really drunk once. First time I've been bothe… +203
Picture +203 >Comic Con >Boobs >New "Happiest Place o… +197
"H...Hey guys... Can we be like 4chan?" +197 It didn't say anything because paper can't talk. +195
what's the probability i can turn invisible right this second? 100% +191 >Her name is Melody >She smells >Smellody … +187
As long as they say 'no straighto' before it, yes. And they ha… +183 Same girl, dem hips indeed. +182
I can only imagine what would happen if Bill Nye got angry +181 Is this a new season of red vs blue? +172
Next it'll be "You cannot view this youtube video with ad… +172 North Korea poorer than Bill Gates?! Dirty western lies +166
mfw I'm traded for a camel +166 Implying you won't get forcibly ass raped anyway +165
just gonna leave this here +165 This is one of the easiest rainbow roads in Mario Kart The… +164
Can you imagine the backlash if they actually managed somethin… +163 Dear god those legs, those thighs, imagine the ass +163
I'm not sure this is coming from a straight guy. +162 Earth suddenly, that guy you hate is getting anally viola… +159
Oh God Look what she just posted. This is golden. +155 Anon doesn't always know why she does what she does... +153
"OOOOOOO look at me, I value human life so much unless it… +149 Oi ur a cheeky cunt arent ya m8 1v1 me Ill reck you +149
MFW I sucka dem titties. +147 Holy fuck no +147
atleast i have two dicks +146 Guy's face when +146
Picture +143 her face looks like pans +141
her face in the last picture reminded me of this for some reason +140 Well, here it is... that exceeded my expectations... +140
Picture +137 Picture +136
Picture +136 does it work now +135
Do it, and then fuck off away from this website. &quo… +135 Picture +133
If they can keep this level of action and comedy through the w… +133 Though, the Navy does more flying than the airforce (combat flying) +132
"Damn he's cool..." +132 Now we wait for someone to make a gif where deadpools note is … +131
Picture +130 Best physics ever. +130
Picture +129 Picture +126
its on her face +125 always use protection +124
Tumblr and 4chan really are two sides of the same coin. +122 Picture +118
High powered water, it hurts like satan licking your asshole, … +115 Air. <----- Reason And you know flying around… +115
Look all that funny. +114 Picture +111
It's been an extremely long time since I've seen a DYK comp wh… +111 She wants some advice. +110
how did that work +110 Great. Now you can finally find out when happens when you stic… +108
Picture +108 Her Dadayday +108

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