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mcdonalds spaghetti +616 And if they've fallen far and are trying to lose weight? That … +597
i miss my cats id skype with them but the stupid … +572 ah the good 'ol bait with food strategy +553
Now's not the time. +457 Nothing to do with equality. She was a bitch and the only thin… +402
**** off and die, no one gives a **** if it happ… +372 Like I wouldn't find out +361
You poor bastard. +358 but shaggy didn't care for being popular or technology, he car… +346
"Did you know that 1 state is bigger than all these europ… +342 >Kid: Dad why is the kid's face bruised? >Dad: Well … +339
"Why is hooman in tiny box?" +337 Picture +336
flip it around there sport +322 When you're in japan and there's no good booze. +303
Jesse Eisenberg was in Zombieland he also played Mark Zuke… +284 Here's something crazy. Try running it on a MAC. +283
you know a guy gets mad pussy when +262 Well one day you can have a sweet robo arm that has like a poc… +261
You have a fetish that wrecks the purpose of the Hijab. +256 Picture +254
Still my favourite insult. +248 Also accurate, as women are the primary abusers of children. +236
on the upside hes ready for a really devoted edward elric cosplay +236 "the camera adds 10 pounds" +234
yeah, don't. +234 Picture +225
Why do ************* have to assume that everything tha… +220 But that's a juggernaut from MW2. He has "get su… +216
Picture +211 You get a chance to stand on the 99%. +207
That little wiggle/taunt that he gives at the end is *****… +200 I'd punch her as well. +198
Picture +198 smoother than a no friction surface +197
Picture +190 Why did they have to be Chinese? +190
And did you know that Cap's penis could talk? +189 I, for one, welcome our new German overlords. +185
They just need to stop eating. Its not hard. If you stuff your… +180 mr rogers was metal as **** , he only ate orphan meat +179
**ohthreeeleven used "*roll 1, 00-99*"** **ohthreeeleven ro… +177 Ali's face at the end. +175
And by "see what happens" they meant for advertiseme… +173 Picture +172
Bonus protip: need to warm your hands for a handshake? Quickly… +170 Picture +167
Birds have a very good sense for avoiding obstacles. +166 a mix between hitler and an abortion +166
HOT SINGLES IN YOUR AREA HOT SINGLES IN YOUR AREA HOT … +165 That's the point. It's ****** up if it's realistic +164
"khajiit is not amused traveler" +162 Picture +158
hey you ******* pussy whiner unsubscribe me yo… +157 Could you be more vague, please? +157
Picture +156 God damn that was smooth. +153
This guy calls in sick to work, YOU WON'T BELIEVE WHAT HAPPENS NEXT! +152 Overheard at work a few weeks ago: "I'd like to speak… +152
nice try op +152 In the end, nothing. They were concerned he was a queer but in… +152
Picture +150 >Be 18 >Semi-fluent in French at this point (forgot … +149
>I have watched enough Madoka No one has watched enough… +149 If "losing your will to live" killed you, than me an… +148
You are correct, but also a furfag and wrong because of it. +148 This is why I want to learn Arabic... I live in Sweden +147
Your sisters are hot. +146 The point is that they shouldn't be. +144
******* pleb. i'd replace her with myself so i can rail… +143 There are many different ways people perform surgical abortion… +140
I do that all the time. Not because I'm a genius or anything, … +140 there you go OP +140
She's got some goddamn hilarious tweets tbh. +137 * ******* girl for the first time* "omg anon wh… +135
Like if u saw papa franku +132 The comments are so salty. He's just joking. +132
absolute perfection +130 Hitting water from that height would not be pleasant +129

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