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Kill urself +771 This is a fact comp, stop spreading the myth of Bielefeld's ex… +770
This is sure to get a lot of use. +579 Thr only thing i have against anime is how much time of … +558
Picture +544 Back in the day, there was a meme called troll physics +527
He seems like a great guy. The most inspiring people are the o… +499 so i dont have to worry about her being a whore and getting pregnant +475
He told her to "watch the kids" +414 Picture +399
i went to a prostitute for sex. We had sex and I told her i co… +390 FANNING MY TITS +386
'What people with boring sex lives tell themselves to avoid th… +386 Yea but that probably wasn't the only cock that got in her +361
"when bae is ready for round two but you're not." +359 but then you can turn into a kid... +318
*high impact sexual violence +312 Picture +305
I had to learn to play PC games with a trackpad. I played team… +305 what I've never liked about macbooks is how easily they overhe… +298
"I'll only defend someone if they agree with me." … +296 Every time I see something like this, it makes me really happy… +292
**sirstupidpanda used "*roll picture*"** **sirstupidpanda r… +292 Picture +277
you forgot the best one +265 **** OFF WITH THESE 2 SECOND GIF FOR ***** SAK… +258
A FunnyJunk user. +250 "And so Jacob from Twilight put his penor in my (me lol)… +250
Picture +250 **scarcrow used "*roll picture*"** **scarcrow rolled image… +249
Note: This is considerably more effective if you are … +245 Lolicon: "Media focusing on the attraction to young or pr… +236
Then they tore it down to use the sand to build a road. … +233 Ever heard of a green screen? +232
That hairline tho +232 I have a bunch +229
if you cant figure out why training for this would be useful. … +228 Nice car eh. +228
Picture +226 For those of you confused, they're praising the fact that the … +224
Picture +218 I am so sorry for what I did. +214
Or. OR. He could be meaning that most scientists see to be mal… +214 >Fallout 3 get with the times dude. +213
The fact that Fred exists and is legitimately enjoyed by some … +211 Picture +210
>When it hits zero +207 now imagine doing this with actual players +199
*moment of realization* +198 >college humor n-nice cringe comp... loser... +196
obligatory +195 Picture +191
MFW there are mush harder levels. +190 They threw that one guy a dancing party though. With a bunch o… +189
Nope, just a sad, passive-aggressive one. +187 That is the most Irish thing I've seen in a long time I mu… +184
Bloodborne the Arcade Machine! You die, you bleed. +183 "Unsubscribe" Reminded me of every single &… +181
Picture +179 I miss these! +178
He learned from the best +176 Picture +176
mfw I play inverted controls +173 How about pushing it to the limit and making 1 frame gifs? +172
girls with cocks +171 Guy Gets Face Smashed By Prostitute After Nearly Blinding Her … +170
How did she tie her hair?! +169 You wanna baguette with that hon? +168
That was kinda hard to watch. War ******* sucks. +166 Valyrian Steel can melt White Walkers. +165
Picture +165 from left to right: El Flash Súper Hombre Ba… +162
Picture +160 knowing his "comic" i expect the final product to lo… +159
"Hey Anon, what is a 20-foot log doing in your room?" +157 yes, and hentai literally means pervert. your point? +154
Picture +152 Picture +150
By the end I wasn't paying attention and legitimately thought … +148 HYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYY... +148

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