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I'm....Actually taken aback by how accurate this is +1209 Dat ragecomic hair. +724
She's sitting on a valve +648 fefe +571
WHAT THE **** DO YOU GUYS WANT?! +531 Picture +520
>TFW when you realize you aren't a Liberal anymore +504 Hitler was right. +475
Damn dude, you got farfegnugen'd pretty bad +449 DLC is free but the servers arent +415
How much does this mod cost? +388 Picture +365
It's called the placebo effect. +360 This happened to me yesterday: I'm a college student,… +343
Iron Oxide +331 Picture +309
This Flat Top +305 Picture +305
my friend has a pitbull mix it saw me, ran over to me… +298 Wow, $20? That's almost enough to buy half a mod pack for skyrim! +285
Doesn't she sound... somewhat reasonable with that statement? +281 Picture +278
Picture +264 I've been blind for all my life and i must say that watching t… +264
Do I think modders should be paid for their work? Yes. … +262 If the internet has taught me anything, it's that movies do no… +250
Picture +243 the cat just keeps strangling the dog tho, ice cold +240
Picture +238 If that mailbox was a man, he'd be gay. Know why? cause … +235
"Farfegnugen'd" +228 "you've seen this before?" "eleven times in… +220
This is what separates the ******* from the black people. +219 Picture +218
what if this happens +212 Wow! So progressive! +205
cute asian girl sword chopchop bamboo fall yayyy … +202 Me too, he's right here! +201
Y'all need to sign this. OP, do us all a favor and s… +200 Picture +197
Ho boy Y'all better hide, because this may be the gayest t… +194 I loved the chemistry between thee two. It made it seem like t… +193
I didn't realize you were such an expert on the flavor of urine. +185 MFW +183
Pepe +182 I'm turning 24 and I still love kid's shows. As the ancien… +181
ey +180 Out of the thousands upon millions of people, out of the thous… +180
I like cold play. I thought people liked cold play. … +180 "4 out of 5 people enjoy gang rape" +175
Picture +170 I would have literally ripped myself apart +168
Behind the ears? I got you buddy +165 fork knife cereal +164
Normie +163 The problem with that is, given that they are just asshole fre… +162
Can you not see he's black? +162 If the third one took her bra off, she would have a six pack +161
Picture +160 If the Silver Surfer and Iron Man team up, they’d be alloys +160
When Groot explodes, or otherwise 'dies', the biggest piece of… +157 Lets hope you don't get in trouble for de-facing government pr… +155
Picture +155 i'm a sick person.... +153
For my fellow slow readers viewing pleasure. +151 formula 1 by the looks of it +150
any more questions? +148 >Named Beth >Sitting on a valve >Asking for m… +147
butter i cant believe its not butter microscope +147 I find myself posting this more and more often recently +146
Picture +146 Fuccboi +144
i love these kinds of things +143 Alligator's fw never got to meet Steve Irwin. +139
why do they have to sound this way man why. +137 Dispite the fact that Sacagawea is on a ******* coin +136
Picture +136 I can art too. give thumbs. +132
Pea cocks +132 NOW, it's art. +130

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