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**ryjed rolled image ** +2214 I think it's time both shows just stopped. Tired, re-used … +501
Best cringe comp of the day +500 I hate it when I all my necks +457
Knowing Phil, it wouldn't surprise if he actually hired people… +394 That's a Redback spider. It's one of the most feared spiders i… +376
A little thing called "honor." +343 Picture +335
See the thing is 18-25 are some of the most fertile years a wo… +327 "but wut if duh kee dont fit" The Keyblade can u… +320
That guy had the best costume i know its the g… +311 Woah woah woah? When did they allow the adults to see the fair… +308
That's ******* gold +299 >girls's face when anal beads are ripped out +292
Both shows have lost their funny. +285 Picture +283
this hurts +273 Picture +272
This is what actual trolling is. +268 So anyone else notice the last 2 items? +254
How do you guys have my picture? Another pic of me f… +254 I swear Dorkly makes the same joke every comic. OMG V… +244
That ******* looks like my dog. +240 > People Commenting without reading the last two +237
pretty sure thats the only right way to remove anal beads +235 **rogaa rolled image ** emma watson +227
>rad >desc. >Titel >teaser Jesus man +223 This is going to sound brutally heartless, but... The… +218
How is this reliable data when it doesn't even go down to at l… +217 >Cringed so hard the Jedis felt it +216
Yes, that is the joke. +211 Picture +206
Mfw Kingdom Hearts content +204 Picture +204
it would still be illegal, just nobody to enforce THE LAW... +204 he might be an asshole in foreign politics but he is one intim… +204
Picture +203 I see you're pretty gangster I'm pretty gangster myself +203
>posting several short gifs instead of one long +202 .... I'm gonna leave that last comment as-is as a monument to … +201
Picture +201 No one got hurt, no one was an asshole to anybody. 10/10 Would… +194
This was actually a quote from Eminem being interviewed. … +193 Picture +191
It's October! +189 Picture +188
About 5 months ago I went on a trip to Guatemala with my famil… +184 Picture +184
This is why dogs are always better than every other animal. Th… +183 Look at all that funny. +174
Also, they don't cheat you giving you less than you think. Th… +174 Bullying extends far beyond high school. Harassment exists eve… +173
This pic has been far too relevant today +172 you want to be removed from society? +171
Absolute brilliance +168 You smuggle any coke? +167
There is only one way to pull out anal beads +166 my dog found his way back home from 2 kms off 2 year old c… +166
Dude... The title is Cheese Pizza, where is your mind at? +165 Well it is a metal coaster after all. +164
relevant i guess +163 Simpsons died. Family Guy was already dead. I'm worried about … +163
This may sound crazy, but it's almost as if people have differ… +163 14 always 14. Like a meduim rare steak. +161
Picture +161 **travrob rolled image ** this is my most secret fetish. I … +160
Don't feel bad for the guy. He died a multimillionaire after a… +159 Amon approves +159
The feces on their looks! +159 ******* idiots, dood, don't they know you can get… +158
>Reasonable shape >Has friends >Not **… +153 Picture +152
Seems like KH is missing lots of logic. Like going up… +152 **ThatFatMummy rolled image ** the boss +151
Picture +147 This is pedophilia? How? Either you're obsessively paranoid or… +146
Getting pizza in school. +145 Picture +144
To everyone wondering why Canada hates Quebec so much... … +144 Picture +142

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