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It's Mia Khalifa +964 Picture +695
"PS, thumb up for all to see." You can't fool me Adm… +529 Then his name shouldn't be Magneto. It should be Metalcontrolo. +500
just ******* post the video instead of multiple gifs +492 I SEE IT EVERYWHERE. WHAT HAVE YOU DONE. I WANT MY LIFE BACK… +421
>Not watching enough porn to have seen them all more than t… +419 In all fairness. I think he just didn't want to be interrupted… +415
Well, that explains why the mirror looked so disgusted before … +390 I hope the original cast of Star Trek shows up to his funeral … +385
Picture +381 Please be a troll. Please be a troll. Please… +375
"You are a funy woman Katy. That's why I'm going to kill … +349 it feels like these groups that demand equality don't actually… +337
Picture +335 Through the regular definition of the word +331
I'm sorry +302 "He's not really dead as long as we remember him." +298
''The **** you lookin at **** boy?'' +289 someone tried to catfish me with Jlaw nudes like bruh … +288
>tfw i will still never get colored text +262 The last one was just wonderfully stupid. +256
how does being Jewish make her not white? +255 Didn't work for Pyro. +254
Picture +252 Picture +245
Picture +242 Picture +241
Picture +234 translation: 1 lawyer = the guy that talks to the cops … +231
Or someone just pressed B +227 *crunch crunch* Wow. Your waifu even taste like **** . +226
Nah the US constitution is in the USA +223 Informative and mildly racist? There's … +222
When the pillow fight tournament is over +221 that is no magician... it is a sand-witch! +218
What if they make the metal army out of aluminum? Now they are… +216 >World war 2 never happened >Technology held back by… +212
I think he's confusing Notch with the numa numa guy... +210 Picture +208
Edgy? Seemed more like an "even women hate feminazis"… +206 Picture +203
i accedentaly view those for a few moments with my sis because… +202 **glitchduck used "*roll 1, 0-99*"** **glitchduck rolls 77** +201
False The sole purpose of the boats isn't to lay wire, but… +201 Im a huge Star Trek fan...this is almost like a brother died t… +197
Mfw when the comments are all about how the facts are "wr… +192 Thats exactly what a closet molester would say +189
>charity gets unlimited money >money becomes worthle… +187 MFW having my brains directly plugged in to all these dank memes +185
Picture +182 Picture +175
Picture +172 In addition to what deathtobreakfast said, there are people wh… +169
Picture +168 come on bro. that is the definition of too soon. +168
Mia Khalifa is getting really popular right now +162 when my great grandpa died this was literally his house. he ha… +160
Classic stuff. Have a ragecomic from the pre-cancer era. +160 His last mistake* +158
"Dammit, I'm an engineer not a navigator." … +156 So the US president requires a better form of transportation? … +155
Picture +153 Lennon was the Steve Jobs of The Beatles... +152
I feel like captain kirk on the other side of that glass.....R… +151 This guy is my new hero! the one in the white shirt of c… +151
''My job here is done.'' +150 How do people recognize porn stars or whatever this girl… +150
R.I.P. you glorious pointy-eared bastard +149 bet he ****** her after +147
What if it was actually Mia Khalifa....and hot singles do liv… +147 Picture +145
Old bf1942 pro showing some pro tactics +141 Picture +141
dear drl, Madonna has yet to live through the blitz, own major… +138 Citing wikipedia +137
ive always wanted a big black guy boyfriend with a sense of hu… +137 What a bitch. Why would you wear a right shark hoodie? Left sh… +137
>mfw you expect a black guy to ride his own bike to a full-… +136 Picture +132

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