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We would land on the barren, lifeless soil, and plant our flag… +1144 That everyone got inspected on penis inspection day. +771
You need to learn cursive! +613 "You won't be able to do this assignment the night before… +513
What a time to be alive +504 Hitler was a bad man +481
And then theres this woman who gets PTSD from twitter +442 "For reasons that aren't exactly clear" 10/… +423
What the **** did you just do +403 Whoever wrote this - I seriously want to just give you a hug f… +399
You will be successful so long as you go to college. +376 Found the Social Justice Warrior. +341
I got attacked by a pack of pit bulls when i was six. develope… +329 Zoe Quinn's Game pitch. +324
i told my houseplant he was free to go and explore the world a… +324 That my education would get me somewhere +322
>first +318 The moon belongs to France now... +315
You can be whatever you want to be. +289 If your child has a horrible/terminal disease and you refuse t… +284
First I thought this person just didn't do their research, but… +273 Im determined to link all of this guy's comics to Gaben +269
Picture +263 They like their skin. +259
Man cheats = horrible person, deserves to be beaten. … +252 Picture +252
That i had potential +248 that ""Oh **** " face +246
kid's fw +243 Picture +239
Picture +237 guy = bouncer ball = bouncer guy = ball science pr… +225
I **** you not, i was telling my boyfriend last w… +224 That there is no such thing as a stupid question. +220
dragondildo, shove it in your ass when its done printing +217 Picture +211
You're annoying as **** ... Faggot +195 I can't find it, so I made this for you. OC, do… +193
Drake the kind of ***** to fart in the toilet and… +192 Article in a nutshell: 4CHAN HAS A CUTE NEW MASCOT!… +190
I understood that title you sick **** . … +186 Man what the **** are you talking about? The part… +186
Obama literally changed overnight after he got in office. The … +185 TL;DR +184
and txt is an abbreviation of "text", what's your point? +184 go to an actual psychologist, don't ask retards for mental help +182
That south korea was best korea don't worry admin - i know… +177 I read the whole thing. And dammit, I am kindof proud ther… +177
hfw +176 looks like the symbiote is trying to take control over him +173
Can we please stop downvoting people for saying TL;DR ? This i… +173 Slowly but surely all of funnyjunk will go bankrupt as big tyr… +172
Picture +171 i forgot how good malcolm in the middle was youre not… +168
All hail dickbutt +167 Picture +164
The single most perfect gif of all time. +163 Living in a household where containers are reused for all mann… +163
Wow you are a total badass, everybody watch out for this guy +163 he's like 6 +163
What sue them for all the food in their fridge? +162 Dawoof - sanddbark +162
YOU CAN'T DISTRACT ME YOU CLOWN +162 That makes no sense. He should be an asterisk +157
☐ Not REKT ☑ REKT ☑ REKTangle ☑ SHREKT … +156 I really miss Breaking Bad, was a good show. +153
Okay that was badass. +153 He tells the truth. Damn, he's telling the truth +148
And the media demonizes right-wingers........ +147 This should be a video game Brad VS. Fat Play as … +147
i can go offline now...i'm not going to find anything funnier... +147 Isn't that classed as animal abuse? +145
coon = pejorative slang term for ****** … +141 i have the .FLA file for proof +139
They'd probably bounce off each other a little +139 the second murder was the cat +137
I feel like buying the guy who wrote this a beer. +136 Picture +134
i knew there'd be a gun the second he said redneck style +133 That's ok, they scare my dog too. Not saying you're less than … +131

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