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Bitch you don't need joke explain you need ******* … +658 Picture +540
Picture +532 >dinner with her parents >she asks 'daddy, could yo… +494
For a phone retard +412 And then the kid traveled back in time and invented the imperi… +405
Picture +405 **notsofriendly used "*roll rpg name*"** **notsofriendly ro… +388
Picture +387 even fooled me +374
im skeptical of your words. but you are the lord of … +370 "___ React" videos are **** on wheels. … +369
"Oh would you look at that, I've been impaled" +357 My favourite of all time +349
Because I'm worth it +342 He just sits in a room behind a wall all day waiting for someb… +337
I really want the day to come for someone to cut me like that … +337 Call the cop white anyway, just like with Zimmerman. +313
Made this a while back. +307 if they cant afford water bills they sure as hell cant afford … +302
Is Japan even real or is it just an amusement park with an economy? +302 Ten Jam Many tomato sauce +290
Picture +272 this one? +267
You see Ivan. To get high of weed, you must become weed. +264 Sounds like a completely legit story that totally happened +262
Your sister requests wincest. Prepare your dick +261 Picture +255
I'd rather have two in the bush personally. +253 > information in it goes in the power lines > hacks … +252
so many +250 Picture +249
It's a hard knock life, for you +248 Picture +241
Picture +225 Sure is, not sure who the one in the top picture is though. +224
this is how Asian dads are +220 >Dog swearing +213
Look at this. Just look at this. This is what the wor… +213 Pretty sure actual slaves wouldn't agree with you on the compa… +213
Angels weren't necessarily human in appearance. They … +211 I didn't lose my virginity until I was 18, but that was by cho… +207
you spelled "have" wrong +205 I don't see a problem here. It is not unnatural for someone to… +200
Of course they do, the trick is to understand that it isn't th… +196 you're right but that was a ****** example +194
boom shakalaka +194 "People for the ethical treatment of Animals" "… +194
if you thought shameless reposting was bad, you havnt seen sum… +188 When she realizes that Annie is not a revenge story. +183
Told you we had black storm troopers before Episode VI. +182 you guys forget the best part of this story: that inc… +182
that asian girl isnt very cute : ( +182 well, they both have a face I guess. +181
And then you end up being the only one acing that bitch. +178 yes, because this would happen +175
Picture +174 mfw hfw is the same fw mfw hfw +173
>advertising your clan with free wallgreen's air humidifiers +172 Alaskan malamute +172
anon's jealous because he has a tiny penis +172 Picture +171
Legend of Zevilda : Wind Wanker +166 this saddens me cus im a short 5ft2 guy whos almost 20. … +163
No, you don't understand. It's almost impossible to find girls… +162 if you can't put your foot in your own mouth you need to lose … +162
elsa's fw +159 Picture +159
That's two days of work at a decent job. Did she never have to… +158 "and a few am radio stations" +157
Meanwhile in South Korea +156 well you are if you're older, my brother was introduced to me … +155
Picture +153 When there's six other people with there hands up but the teac… +146
I prefer this...though that is a good choice too +146 Essentially, thumb and comment. I was going to do this on Chri… +146
So thats where tooth paste comes from. +145 "That, my friend, is exactly the question you have to ask… +145
Picture +135 Oh look another themed ********** how original +131

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