Picture +841 >Show up and see her like this alone >grab her by th… +488
OH YEAH OWNED BITCH YOU GOT ******* WRECKED +487 Being in one of those cars like +421
Because people are idiots and profitable. +415 I wanna stick my dick in it. The girl's cute too. +409
Because he didn't pray until after he got shot, obviously. +399 Picture +372
Picture +370 and then she smiled smugly at him while she went to the back t… +362
Picture +351 Fixed +328
instead ah catchin it with a net, lets hit it with a **… +313 steve jobs is a ******* bastard who did nothing f… +306
REKT +305 che guevara is a arsehole communist and a overall bad person. … +300
MY first donger is rasied admin +272 What have you done! You've shown FJ you are a girl, now you ar… +255
The weaker pan could do this to the stronger pan. Its all abou… +254 Picture +253
The best explained answer: "The boy remains a bo… +247 OP, I recommend stickying this for all the people who are call… +240
Link goes fishing +232 youre right. It did +225
It means raising my hopes, my pride and my erection high into … +221 I applaud you foe getting the yes, but c'mon man, don't send 3… +219
Picture +218 You start out trying to be nice to everyone, as they all offer… +205
Look at them, grab the biggest gear (in your mind), and rotate… +204 Jokes on you, OP. I already have that in my search history. +202
Picture +201 Sometimes God wants to get your attention because you being a … +200
Picture +198 Wait, mine doesn't do tha- oh +196
Beautiful teamwork +193 my dongers +192
forever +190 no because if you look close enough you can see that person ha… +190
I call ******** +190 I made a thing. My skillz with gimp. sorry it's not … +184
His racist remark is literally from his biography. t… +183 Thanks for inspiration, bruh. +183
Picture +181 related +180
Someone's gonna post the top gear feels pic and get more thumb… +176 I've seen too much +176
>4chan >good people +176 He looks like the guy from Foo Fighters. +172
Are you ******* kidding me? +172 Picture +169
Thought of by a tumblr user*1 "rtrixie" and coined b… +168 Till joshlol finds a girlfriend +168
Picture +164 Picture +164
I WOULD BUT SOMEONE GOT THERE FIRST +164 I ******* hate his face +162
swastikas were used way before the nazis were around … +162 They should get a video of a feminist doing one of their "… +162
no you dont +161 Picture +161
Picture +160 Picture +159
I ******* hate you +159 Programming while mastrubating +158
do it for mr skeltal +156 Sometimes I wonder why no one has made toilet a peddle next to… +155
Picture +155 Humans didn't evolve blubber. If they did we'd all have it… +154
Picture +153 Nobody asked for her opinion. Not only does it work counter to… +152
Except it isn't. It's a straight up World of Warcraft joke. +152 Picture +151
**ppheadbuttface rolled user guntoat ** +150 CAN YOU FEEL IT +149
Picture +147 It's funny you uptight prick. +147
did someone say... ******* machine? +145 Admin, can we start renaming anonymous again? +145
It did, however, make it a much more accurate representation o… +145 Now It's art. I tried. +144

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