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FJ mentioned outside of FJ! we're still relevant, dammit! +723 **unfairlybanned rolls 66** +610
the fuck dude. what am i supposed to do with my fucking boner now? +581 player 2.5 +509
**unfairlybanned rolled image ** +497 he cock blocked himself +432
What is heroic about sucking dick? +421 That's a mysterious fenomen. I think they call it shadow. +395
You spelled " I like her tits " wrong. +393 Picture +388
My great gpa was born in 1901 and died in 1998. He lived w hi… +329 Picture +327
Picture +272 Picture +267
1. "Homerpalooza" 2. "Secrets to a Successf… +248 "Player 2.5" +240
Otherkin are to furries what furries are to regular people. +236 Could it be? something positive about my religion on FJ? +232
>made a variety of facial expressions at parents while sayi… +225 I eagerly await the day one of them comes here and asks a mo… +215
are you: a. 100% done b. 300% done c. So DONE… +214 It's probably difficult to think rationally after being drugged. +213
Unfortunately this is society today in a nutshell, Everyon… +213 nigga, he's glorious. the day i meet him, i'll have my to-do l… +205
Picture +203 Picture +195
#destroyed +193 No. +188
Picture +187 You're on Funnyjunk and you're thinking about why that kid sho… +184
Picture +184 Bring me Solo and the Wookie! +182
"player 2.5" +179 Picture +178
Did they say no homo? Cuz if dey didn't say no homo, dey homo. +174 Picture +174
Because if the sheep is orange it's very clear it came from th… +172 ☐ Not REKT ☑ REKT ☑ REKTangle ☑ SHREKT … +171
For the love of god , there are children on this site. +169 FJ mentioned outside of FJ? How did they find us? +164
I Polished it for you. +163 Picture +162
So many based nignogs in this world, how could you be a racist… +162 Picture +161
Huge Jacked Man +157 **anonymous rolls 6,666** +156
"battling perfection" +155 Quit stalling and answer the kid's question. +154
Picture +153 She has....the cure... We must harvest her blood! +152
I know right? I just want to rub butter all over that lobster... +152 Win WIn +151
" i wish i was at home playing Runescape instead of being… +149 Picture +143
Isn't this from the guy that does City of Reality? Is that com… +141 hfw +141
obligatory +140 Picture +139
Which one of you fuckers is browsing in the middle of the paci… +138 both +138
the ending was nerve wracking +138 he's not getting the pussy, the pussy is a meter away from his dick +138
Here, have this +138 Picture +136
Or even better than that, don't be a fucking autist. +136 tl;dr +135
Sister is single mom have two awesome nephews 5 and 3 who … +134 Player 2.5 hopping on the ban wagon +134
Picture +133 I see hes reading the mango. +132
I have spent more time looking at Samus porn than i have playi… +131 Picture +131
Season 3 Episode 6, "The Gang Solves the North Korea Situ… +129 "Player 2.5" +129
I gave my girlfriend a fucking incredible orgasm the other day… +126 Picture +123
Whenever I hear ISIS I think of Archer +123 breaking up with a Japanese girl fuckin sucks, you gotta drop … +121
like anyone would actually not want to be called a faggot by gaben +121 We all know who those drags were +119

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