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Not today mother ****** +567 Imperial Empire Gets nuked Kawaii ~ desu +377
**Anetheril rolled image ** A fag +363 "being the troll I am" +360
The "I make videos from scary games" starter pack +352 comet? ***** given = 0 +333
Picture +306 How I imagine the fight between Corporal Wayne and the robbers. +296
Do what you must I have already won +273 dude must be used to getting robbed +263
But I'm butt ugly and conservative +258 Looks like OP isn't the only one good at taking balls to the face. +256
>Renamed a ******* product >Gave the gi… +248 Wow. That was... something. +246
I laughed but then remembered I'm joshlol now I'm sad +239 Never watched Soccer before, thought this was real at first +237
Batman: The Animated Series, Season 3, Episode 6: Harley's Hol… +237 Khajit has many wares to offer If you know what I mean +235
>mfw i see them taking a selfie together +232 It's called regret not rape +226
The control group +223 Mods are asleep, post giraffe bread. +217
MFW the iron man part +216 medics reaction to finally being asked after years of trying t… +215
Picture +211 I hate the gaming culture on youtube...it's just so goddamn an… +210
"Why are you grabbing the hammer?" +205 **yunnie rolled image ** mfw i read this +203
I wonder how he died +199 Selling carpet to match the drapes. +194
It's like he's saying something really ******* vu… +184 She could just read his mind. +181
gaaaay butt kinda cute +181 no you don't +178
-evolution is the eternal pursuit of perfection -Gar has n… +176 mfw i walk out of a room after farting +173
Picture +168 Picture +167
She should get the sentence they would have gotten. Combined. +165 **fittetjuven rolled user phanact ** Get out, faggot +161
"Look at him beg for mercy, when it's mercy that should h… +161 naughty dog is a great game company making games like jak , un… +160
******* centipedes, man. Scalping mice and … +158 Picture +157
When you share a reaction to something expecting to get green … +157 Picture +155
HFW he goes to the principal's office. +153 Like i would kill a dog , to cover up the 4 hookers i just mur… +151
When you post your opinion on funnyjunk and you're expecting r… +151 "I'll take ' **** That Never Happened' for 40… +149
Pratse the sun? +148 Picture +148
ahahahaha you can see the person samefagging hahahah +141 "Why else would you be up at 3am?" +141
Ken M. dump +141 Also had the larget empire and lost it due to tea. oh wait. +141
I object +140 >People who think it's clever to make signs just to keep ot… +138
Picture +134 white people +134
"My ancestors smile upon me imperials, can you say the sa… +132 Coldsteel of course +132
Getting **** done. +131 Picture +130
Picture +129 Misogyny and rape. +129
Picture +129 Picture +128
Jesus you little **** I was looking at the left f… +127 Picture +125
Picture +124 Time for my favorite online experience: >Playing T… +122
These are the most American Brits I've ever heard. +122 **wheretheheartroams... rolled image ** mfw my names danny +122
Normally the people at McDonald's suck. They can't make food, … +120 Other tha mario card and sanik, it looks like you're using gam… +119
PS - Mega Bloks are for faggots +119 Oh the joys of getting really ******* high and ma… +118

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