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**youborn rolled image ** alternative girls in my town +492 Yeah, but there's also a plane in the picture. +418
Picture +397 has this ***** even hit puberty yet? LOOK AT HIM.… +394
Those nets seem more like a challenge rather then a deterrent. +390 Picture +382
I don't understand is anon just super beta or why is he handli… +371 Can you guys not thumb it down because it's too long to read? … +367
wow a bar like that would be a cesspool of autism, retardation… +294 Plot twist, the remote control was for the van. +291
Then congrats for living in equalityville. +288 Even as a 1st gen American of Italian descent, I still do this… +288
wow, someone's buttshurt +277 **newdevyx rolls 3** It's not happening +276
imma debunk your **** ***** - Hi… +271 put your dick in it +269
As an italian, not only I confirm this but I'll throw in that … +269 little boy is alpha as **** +267
... and covered in blood... +257 What the **** ? That was 3 years of work to create… +248
Fag +227 Picture +216
I was raped by a woman on my way home once. I wa… +215 Picture +211
Picture +207 TLDR; go to the top and read it you lazy fagget. It is definit… +206
My ex said she loved me. People lie. +206 you want to **** with me +205
You know what else is trapped in that girl's orbit? my sides +202 "It's going to be a Rick Roll." It's not. "… +197
Sounds great, how's Eurabia treating you? +196 Yep, because everyone knows correlation = causation. +177
Picture +173 MFW reading this +170
Picture +168 I have special eyes. +167
Picture +163 kiss me +162
you only get one shot +162 You really cant get an understanding of how much … +159
Penn also said that he fully supports Christians preaching to … +159 Picture +157
I'd be proud. A) You can say "I'm in the business of … +156 Straight white male. Privilege feels AWESOME. +155
its a shamfur dispray +155 It's as it has always been stated though. "Once you g… +155
fix'd it +152 Picture +149
If I were on a motorbike, I would speed up, pretending like I … +149 saved +143
Everytime i get to the frontpage, I stick the comment i like t… +142 but how did biebergotswag get here? maybe kingxddd knows. +141
it just had to be done +141 The music could've cured cancer and brought back Martin Luther… +139
to the guy who made this comic the *… +139 Picture +139
Here come the original of course +139 I like how the detroit pic for 2010 only shows on little spot … +135
My first time with Skyrim. I didn't know about fast t… +135 >Has internet faster than I could dream of >Doesn't … +135
Post on Tumblr, let anarchy ensue. +132 I hope Dovahkiin-senpai notices me today. +132
Picture +130 Picture +129
Picture +128 Heard you were talkin **** +126
**** that boy's smooth. +126 i can only eat these burgers from burger king thats all i … +126
Picture +123 Pretty much, yea. We can also accidentally sit on our… +123
Vegetables. +122 I'm pretty sure this just confirmed Half Life 4 +119
**anonymous rolled image ** What those ******* … +118 The comment section disgusts me. "That guy had sex when h… +117
Looks like a ******* Hellhound out of Warhammer 40K. +117 "My finances are not a joke, jessica" +113
Am i doing it right guyse? +111 Don't be a weak livered milk drinker! +111
Picture +111 Bitch get on my level. +110

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