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As a dog person, this makes me sad because my people are being… +547 shut the hell up you damn ass whore +423
kekkles upon kekkles +416 Absolute Madman +371
I got you guys. +363 There wasn't even a ball pit? +361
I forgot vermont even existed. Sorry Vermont people, or do you… +295 ROLL THE HIGHEST NUMBER IN THIS THREAD IN THE NEXT 30 MINUTE… +295
It's time to chew ass. +288 Ha, more like a snack on titan "When you try yo… +282
Picture +268 imagine having sex on that thing or having sex at all +268
Nailed it. +262 Picture +248
So many pictures of Becky. +226 Picture +222
"I'm Mexico!" +218 Yeahbut these men aren't Ghandi So no it's not weird +218
INB4 "entire movie was just the pythons going on a quest … +212 DogsFW +212
**scarcrow used "*roll picture*"** **scarcrow rolled image… +210 >see bee on porch trying to drink from hummingbird feeder … +210
Oh god, muffnut sounds like a vagina description. Like one… +209 That's a boy's voice for sure. +208
Just because they were said by Hitler doesnt mean the quotes a… +205 my dad is an official "microsoft word professional" … +201
Picture +196 That's a jewish funeral though... +192
perfect +192 tumblr is full of lies +190
As a d'aww cat, this is one of those dogs that includes person… +185 Just put a spacebar (Or Alt 255) So theyre nothing … +184
I'm pretty sure she's just wearing a fat suit She might … +181 **** the extendo thing got me +179
I don't mean to bring out my tinfoil hat... +178 i... is Leviticus a swear? +175
Story time everyone. That's Layka, she made the June … +174 there are 3 types of chicken-overcooked dry **** , done … +172
not that that manly beard, i'm intimidated +171 I agree with the last one, you don't enter a room unannounced. +170
mewtwo pickachu greninja jigglypuff lu… +169 hey look it's barry! +168
Picture +167 That's when you cut the bottom off the toothpaste tube and scr… +165
Picture +164 Picture +164
>Not stuffing the crust with cheese and sausage I bet t… +163 what did you expect the daughter of kanye to smile or something +162
thought she was gonna die... +162 He used flash too.. +162
I know adults who still don't understand the point of this poi… +160 The least admin could do is share. While the rest of us are de… +157
What about 3D printed potions? +156 Asking a guy out is pretty simple: Girl: "Want t… +155
Aw how cute, this was totally made for an English class. I bet… +154 The majority of office work is finding ways to kill time +153
She actually has an attractive face. If only she wasn't such … +153 Picture +151
It's almost like all coins don't have the same size and value... +148 GHANDI HAS RESEARCHED GUNPOWDER +147
That's simply not true. It doesn't take a genius to write out … +147 Can you make it user choice? Put it in the preferences somewhere? +144
dramatic zoom in's on people faces is literally the best cinem… +142 That poor soul +139
¨I have a Brown belt in karate. A black belt in judo. A blue … +138 Okay, so you guys humored me with my "how do you dry your… +137
British locals had a way of dealing with problematic racists.… +136 And saying it's from 1979 makes it special because...? +134
Maybe they should have gotten a ball pit. +134 **whatwhen used "*roll picture*"** **whatwhen rolled image… +134
Picture +134 >The network gave a **** back then But… +133
Picture +133 Picture +130
>We never did that **** [Hatred from Scotla… +129 yes +128
Ehh......maybe.....nah too risky, might get kissed by gay dude +128 the bat is into rock eh? +128
This really hurts to say, but... I think Texas and Cali need t… +128 as a themed account primarily focused on dog-centric gifs, we … +127

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