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A Funnyjunk user would sit there and complain about feminism f… +561 pugs are a cruel joke. humans twisted their gene so badly that… +492
I hope your mother's alright +487 Get outta here, Gearboy +453
** madcoww rolls 99** +451 I would just like to address that she did not cheat on him … +431
Picture +418 the fat chick already ate it. sorry, none left +396
**nekaz rolled image ** you cant outrun ebola +378 so original XD +368
Picture +335 Ive seen some people **** up english before but h… +314
FJ gave me cancerous autism. +304 This is the first time content of me has been reposted, I feel proud +296
I'm sorry guys, but this isn't my girlfriend. This is a shamel… +293 Hehehehe Traceboy +289
bitches please +286 What kind of pleb would need to use the glass on the last one?… +283
YouTube gave me FilthyFrank And FilthyFrank sav… +274 Picture +271
why is this still an analogy? Its so ******* simp… +266 ebola content scary and funny at the same time +259
how the **** do you have red text +227 Picture +219
now make it hydrophobic, magnetic and non-newtonian. +218 Meh. I've seen pretty decent female comedians, as long as they… +214
Picture +211 ( 2/2 ) +210
hfw +209 Alright kyle now just type this out: "Hitler did nothing … +205
**ryjed rolled image ** hahaha that "aye aye captain&q… +204 Picture +199
**madcoww rolls 29** +198 Picture +193
"There were too many spanish people there. The receptioni… +189 **** you +187
Picture +187 OP just wants to brag about his seven notifications. … +186
**anonymous rolled image ** Here, have my roll +185 Picture +182
**zacoren rolls 00** +179 Thought this was the start of another cringe comp. +177
Picture +169 Cool! New season of iCarly +167
"Need money for my kids. Make that man yours... forever!" +167 that's what you get for not taking off your shoes in another m… +166
Fallout with swords. +162 Picture +159
YES IT IS, HAVE YOU NEVER SEEN CSI? LOL NEWFAG +153 you got me you ******* ****** . you a… +148
Where the hell do you get all your pictures from? +146 Picture +144
I've seen comic makers come and go. I've seen them form a bond… +142 Picture +139
Picture +134 Nah, it means assholes are assholes and we are trying to tell … +131
Picture +131 just rubbed one out to her. thought you guys should know +130
Ignoring any and all ethical dilemmas in this issue, I feel I … +130 OH GOD IT GOT COLOR TEXT! +130
Just as functional as a real mac +129 Even if they weren't the same ID that would be the least belie… +129
**mahaiz rolled image ** +128 "Hey man-" "BARK BARK BARK BARK" &… +128
Korra, you must quit your avatar training AND GET ME PICTURES … +127 "The thing is, i'm not whiling to give my life for a caus… +126
based rogers all was good in his hood +125 never seen the whole thing. +125
Picture +124 Picture +123
Picture +120 destroyed +120
Picture +118 Things i never want to experience: 1.) Dude sticking … +117
Picture +117 >implying selling fake meth is promoting meth use in children +116
On the list of tumblr **** that never happened, t… +115 She's not chubby enough. +115
Picture +114 Fax: 1-800- ********* +114

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