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This kind of shit pisses me off more than anything else femini… +494 Her Dadayday +477
Oi ur a cheeky cunt arent ya m8 1v1 me Ill reck you +469 Doesn't really help if no one else has a super power. +438
I guess that makes me a pans-sexual +415 >Her name is Melody >She smells >Smellody … +415
Because he didn't whine like a little shithead when she said no. +378 im actually 19 +374
Picture +344 Picture +327
what a horrible gif you have +325 You wont be needing this anymore +292
good guy rapist dropping her off at the hospital +278 Picture +260
how are you guys actually falling for this shit? she's a b… +260 I like this version more. +244
As long as they say 'no straighto' before it, yes. And they ha… +243 People are all like "nope", and I'm here thinking th… +241
Picture +239 Picture +232
Oh that makes me feel so much better that "only a few&quo… +232 Do it, and then fuck off away from this website. &quo… +230
2sad4me. Not cool +221 ok if you want them so badly here. +220
considering that it's beak isn't curved slightly downwards (Ch… +215 Picture +212
Or he had been sneezing all class so they set up something fun… +208 I made this when really drunk once. First time I've been bothe… +203
It didn't say anything because paper can't talk. +196 no just no +195
what's the probability i can turn invisible right this second? 100% +193 I swear to god gearboy, if this doesn't end well for the littl… +193
her mouth +190 Yet, I'd still be happy to see either. +189
Picture +186 Who names there kid Shanaynay? +175
Next it'll be "You cannot view this youtube video with ad… +174 mfw I'm traded for a camel +166
The descripition..... +166 I'm not sure this is coming from a straight guy. +164
That's how serial killers are made. +163 Guy's face when +162
Canadian banks have better customer service and pretend to be … +158 Picture +157
Oh God Look what she just posted. This is golden. +156 "ANON WHAT THE FUCK DID YOU DO, THAT FLAME FOX GAVE ME A … +155
Ain't gonna use some nasty ass period blood to summon Satan. +153 Anon doesn't always know why she does what she does... +153
Holy fuck no +149 what the police found in the pockets of each thug, along with … +148
atleast i have two dicks +146 Picture +143
its been here a long time, but only now is it accessible by al… +143 yeah and doctors from japan, spain, germany and the rest of th… +142
Good fucking shit, I have seen some messed up crap but this ac… +141 Picture +141
Well, here it is... that exceeded my expectations... +140 If they can keep this level of action and comedy through the w… +133
i felt for a second +133 Picture +130
Picture +130 Considering She-Hulks' anatomy, I'm pretty sure he would have … +128
Picture +126 how did that work +126
No you don't. +126 always use protection +124
But he played the first thing that came to his mind, it just s… +124 You pissed your pants in fourth grade, didn't you? +123
Nice color bro. +123 <Parents face when they tell you in was a botched circumcis… +122
Tumblr and 4chan really are two sides of the same coin. +122 Air. <----- Reason And you know flying around… +117
MFW my younger sister recently became a vegan to feel accompli… +117 If you enlarge the picture you can see her nipples +116
the only difference is that starcraft is international +114 Picture +114
Picture +112 This seems like a concept that just wouldn't be effective, coo… +109
Or people with real OCD losing credibility to pernickety child… +108 You're cat is so white... Does it have a blog, … +108

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