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>push button >get money >be gay >remem… +574 not u, lol +432
This just in: Actor wears shirt +392 The slightly teared up one gets me every time. +357
Picture +354 I'm a grown ass man and that show made me cry on multiple occasions. +333
black guys have to finish before the cops get there +318 The series ended 4 years ago. +315
I assumed that she was right on her math, thumbed down the pos… +301 Five guys already did. +297
This is literally the longest FJ post i have ever seen. I +293 The other controllers make sense... but a Midi Keyboard!? +287
Man I love these, and the best thing is I didn't even see this… +286 Picture +283
Oh god not even real life runs this smooth +283 Picture +275
Picture +271 Picture +266
2007 was 7 years ago +262 HAHAHAHAH HAHAHAHAA i've been calling women and femin… +260
Didn't that show end with them all dying in the ice age? +248 The **** was it filmed on ? +248
BLOWN THE **** OUT +237 **aazz rolls 44** Does anyone got any dubs? or "dubz&qu… +226
>spread international "let jesus heal you" campai… +224 Picture +220
Picture +218 But who was phone? +211
Depression quest +211 its an 80's cartoon, **** like that happened a lot. +209
You should share the source so the rest of us can avoid it. +205 Nothing about TBBT pissed me off more than the time they claim… +205
Picture +197 Gawd I love your comics +1 +191
a real guerilla soldier +188 For the love of Based God, watch this video. Kota… +187
>be gay >take deal >enjoy trillion dollars … +179 Picture +178
12 year olds ******* my mom +175 wow realy? +175
Neckbeards age differently from us common mortals. +174 Pluto! +173
Oh God I forgot to study. +172 Picture +168
There are so many special moments in this series +167 Obviously ******* crime is down. You removed laws… +166
A welcoming message for burgers and fries +166 Stuff like this actually does kind of **** with m… +160
That really cracked me up! +159 ********************** +157
Picture +156 Teacher goes through all the questions later, realises only on… +156
>Implying rihanna is pretty +154 The feminist tears will be glorious +151
this image stuck in my mind. Can anyone get some validation fr… +149 **zeroqp rolled image ** +149
Picture +148 its good seeing a sasuke sama post once in a while! +147
Mommy aborted you because you didn't even bother waiting until… +147 Was preparing to cringe when the vocals came in, but I found m… +144
>Be me in highs school >9/10 English teacher mid twe… +144 ******** . Mac isn't powerful enough to r… +143
>uploading screenshots of your own comments as content +143 Not gonna lie I was getting really emotional reading the comme… +142
I want to put my sauce on this girl. +137 Picture +137
Adam Sandler is a good actor (Punch Drunk Love, Click, Reign O… +136 > #87 That's called a prison. Too much? … +136
What Happens later.... No ban plz +134 That is a letter opener and they arent very sharp, but that lo… +133
Greg is happiness Greg is joy +133 Just about everything on here is absolutely ******* … +133
Picture +132 Oh my god i try +132
Times have definitely changed. +131 Ohello /B/, my name is Chips Handon. I always like to lork at … +131
"yeah right, nobody would **** my son" … +131 We all know who.. +130
Picture +129 Picture +128

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