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CIS White Male +2501 mr skeltal +1132
Picture +968 admin +897
We learn about that guy in math class. +851 extra site traffic +825
Very well done for someone new to photoshop. I give it 7/10 +755 **twistedrenegadetwo... rolls 44** +717
Is this Daggerfall? +652 not much how bout you? +650
joshlol Oh, sorry, i meant to type loser +646 I didn't see that coming at all.... 10/10 +619
Bring back DJ ADMIN +612 every week highest comment renames anon +594
**thomasman rolled comment #33 ** : The exact same … +508 hehe... scale... +471
When your friend wants to play ranked on you main +458 a channel-block addition to a profile, so you don't see anythi… +449
North-Korean Citizen Let's go back to roots +410 Picture +394
**neogiga rolled image ** A feels button. +391 Ohhh I don't know. Maybe because you are visiting an American … +381
Picture +370 Half Life 1 + Half Life 2 Half Life 3 confirmed +365
Picture +339 A woman +324
Guess he wanted some sauce with his sass +321 Has anyone else realized that this is basically a hippy moveme… +321
Change "anon" to "anomalous" Chan… +318 **foamytesquirrel rolled user admin ** You are now Mother … +314
Picture +309 Reminded me of this +303
******* lost it. !0/10, best picture I've ever seen. +297 Picture +292
Addy's name for anonymous people makes this post 10x better +279 Picture +272
which one turns on the dashcam? +271 Wild Zubat +267
haha did you hear that guys!? he need to BUY a pointed STICK..… +266 what do you mean - leave us alone and - not … +260
No, it would be half lead, half uranium. the ore doesn't just … +254 The Art of Whore +253
better format on mobile +253 Picture +248
Also, there is nothing wrong with finding someone attractive. … +246 I usually hate these but this one was funny. Thumb for you, OP. +244
Some of them are, but others are clearly written by a dude. +238 Picture +229
Picture +225 MFW at the end. +216
>Use quick selection tool >highlight friend >… +216 ******* .... read. +214
Picture +212 Ebola victim im going to bed +212
Remember back when you gave FJ points for doing stuff on the s… +202 The very essence of reality is actually porn +200
Moon Knight – 1975 Batman – 1939 Green Arrow – … +199 Picture +197
lol ok +195 Picture +194
so uh.. DICE.. hows that, you know... thing... coming along? +187 Congratulations, maybe MTV will approach you now.. +183
Picture +182 And then he got a big blue house and starred in a reality tv-show +181
Seasonal Backgrounds? ie: Jack O' Lanterns in October… +181 I'm gonna go separate my M&Ms by colour to make me feel better +177
**nibbero rolls 3** +172 Reminds me of this +165
WHICH ONE IS IT?!! +165 "And then as a gesture of friendship I didnt let him come… +163
>feminist tears >green mario >dong.zip &g… +162 This can stop immediately for the price of a PS4, mom. +162
Any idiot can inherit all of those things without working for them. +161 ☐ Funny ☑ Over used +161
Picture +160 quickly! change nothing +159
A funny reply. +156 Picture +156
Sweet and Sour master race. +156 Picture +154

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