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Picture +1213 "stunt jump failed" +742
People don't burn people. People with molotovs burn people. Wi… +567 the fat person expects him to leave the counter and manually f… +536
Picture +428 >single dad >puppies just came out of the delivery r… +406
Picture +390 Picture +342
Picture +328 Approximately one penis big +326
You can only say it on TV +324 This one +311
Op'sFW +288 there will be CONSEQUENCES +281
Except he did, and then his younger brother did it too. +277 Picture +273
**mydreams used "*roll picture*"** **mydreams rolled image… +269 That **** is impressive, but do you know whats really i… +262
Even though i really want it, i shall wait. no matter the pain...... +259 He was a good friend +247
people will always hate people for liking things. i mean i… +242 Picture +240
This is what applying for student loans feels like. +238 "At least you have the dumb bitch part down." +235
Well ladies, prepare to be very, very disappointed. +231 A jedi uses the force for knowledge +226
Picture +220 Thing is, they most likely didn't think it's so massive. … +218
The ancient hawaiians never prepared me for this! +216 Nah none of those, can't stand em. +214
hey, at least they kinda know who we are. +210 yep, hes definitely overcompensatin +207
Do it with a person +205 I thought his hand was ****** up for a second +205
Like this. +204 face is all that matters +203
its true and here's how they do it +202 I didn't even know "Cracker" was supposed to be offe… +201
How can you tell it's a woman just by the face? +201 I've seen this so many times man. Why don't people understand … +195
>Not using crosswalk >Not watching out for traffic … +194 Shes got that "Mother who is going to die" hairstyle… +194
Picture +191 molotovs don't burn people. People burn people. +189
What? +189 Edward I can't belive you used forbidden alchemy. +188
Picture +188 ITT (Or, ITC I guess? You get the point.) : A bunch o… +185
That was awfully rude, not gonna lie. +185 Picture +174
Man Linerider got impressive over time. +174 Picture +171
I see you fancy yourself some black humor ? +166 and six million fit in the ashtray +165
******* NORMAL FAGS, STOP USING OUR ******* ME… +163 Picture +163
Well the mistake is simple.... YOU DIDN'T DRAW SUPER GOOD … +163 Picture +161
Picture +159 That's cool and all, but I'm more interested in that guy... +158
damn hes cool +158 >mfw this entire gif. +158
Picture +152 Picture +152
There was a firefight! +152 Picture +150
crisps for life +149 For your viewing pleasure. +149
>1995 is 20 years ago >MFW I just remembered I'm twe… +149 Picture +147
I wonder when will games get too real. When you no longer thin… +145 dont dead open inside +145
Finding out the camera man is jewish. +144 >Clown >Not watering the tree with a squirt flower o… +144
Where are my testicles, Summer? +144 Now I can kill someone and literally swallow the murder weapon… +144
I turned off adblock. Serously cunts, ads o… +142 He's missing out on peeping all the vajanya +139
"Now that is a meme I can get into" +139 now thats just pathetic +139

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