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good on them for not being a bunch of retards and actually doi… +1437 the idea is that they are not jerks for once. +786
that is incredible this is the kind of art that should be … +666 *Finally gets clock installed* -0014d 07h 12m 13s … +532
but bitches still think it's cute that you try to save them +518 Picture +496
>Meet someone new >Clock reaches 0 > the… +437 Some things you just don't do that stuff on. +405
to be fair i masturbate to a wide variety of fictional charact… +403 so the prankster became the pranked. the circle … +393
See you faggots on the other side. +390 HFW +388
Questions are raised by the fact that this particular dad see… +345 Imagine a bunch of 6 year old girls flopping their dicks at 1 … +345
jews. {Pic not related} +339 They must have bent like three of them or something. +309
I just re-read it ******* loled harder than i… +298 >"give us the floating skates XDDD" >float… +295
Picture +279 You don't have many friends, do you +277
BRING DOWN THE RAIN OF RED THUMBS! I TOOK THE CHANCE AND I … +267 If you told me that that was actually Dana Carvey, I would bel… +261
i scrtached my anus through my boxers for literally about 15 … +261 "Hey, remember how I stabbed Karin?" "… +253
those infidels, they arent praising admins dad hard enough +253 that felt nice. +252
Wait a minute Why is a man having a picture with a buch of… +252 Non of these have any connection with the website they're linked to +247
'haven't you got work today?' 'player 2 has left the game' +245 Picture +231
All warfare is based on deception. - Sun Tzu Fort… +228 a viking funeral makes as much sense as a christian one. t… +225
And then there are Japanese game creators who don't give a fly… +224 I kept thinking that her nose was getting longer and longer wi… +223
They all want good bones and calcium. +222 Picture +220
With a badass funeral like that, you turned that beta fish int… +218 I second #3, you can't ******* go around saying p… +218
> I didn't have the heart to tell her I wanted to feel a hu… +216 Picture +207
Picture +205 but the 6/10's that hate her and might actually be cool will t… +202
but what if i get off on the fact that they don't get equal rights +202 I haven't seen white space in a long time. It sure wa… +197
I was about to get pissed off because I thought they were gonn… +197 >Have countdown timer, only a few months left >Find … +195
Not really, but still sexual harassment. She will get over it,… +189 **felixjarl rolled user europe ** +186
obligatory +184 tumblr is the worst thing since sliced Hitler +183
Sauce for original Gif: +179 Wise man: Don't ******* cheat in the first place +177
Picture +176 "But I poop from there!" +175
Picture +173 Player 2.5 has entered the game. +173
Can't be unseen... Supa paint skills +172 Waiters wait specific tables, not everyone's tables. For the j… +172
is this post to imply that north korea isn't in fact best korea? +172 It could be worse. +169
what the **** i feel like im reading a nation… +168 Dude, you forgot a tunnel snakes jacket +164
If you can pull that **** off you deserve every g… +163 Now that is art. +162
Picture +162 half life 2 confirmed +160
Well, to be fair, it's really understandable why he wasn't inv… +159 Zhu Li is doing the thing. +158
Picture +158 **ryjed rolled image ** +157
Picture +156 I'm glad they recognized the opportunity to not be total cunts… +156
>posting pony **** >complaining about cancer +155 Picture +155
Picture +154 "He has ebola." +151
Why in the name of everloving **** would you do t… +151 People on the internet. +151
Picture +151 Picture +148

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