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fag +1455 I'm not proud of how long I waited. +481
Take one. Get stink-glands removed. Keep it as a pet. … +345 I didn't get the joke /and/ the name has too many letters +324
If by badass you mean autistic, then sure. +322 Imagine this man, writing all the sex scenes in that series. … +316
Picture +310 Young Republicans club in a nutshell. +297
if you live in a cold climate they might be practical +266 Picture +251
I just started watching Game of Thrones and I already know eve… +249 You're the captain now +248
God damn, this picture couldn't be any more relevant. +245 Johnny Depp +245
Ash liftem +237 Story time! > Be me, around 7 or 8 > Have a… +227
I thought it was supposed to be referring to how the camera sh… +218 Picture +213
Sure, just take a seat +211 Because young democrats are so much better, right? … +207
OP's face when he found the book +206 9gag.com - finds ******* funnyjunk.co… +202
That just means he never made it to the final level at all +198 Shes so fat she collapsed in on her self like a dying star. +189
I wish I was ******* that bike +184 That's an interesting story, tell me more. +182
**anonymous rolls 888** +180 Seals literally plaguing eastern Canada (aka maritimes), eatin… +172
bitch was ****** the mailman +172 Wow she's really desperate to stay relevant, isn't she? +171
I have two questions. 1) What the **** i… +168 Picture +167
Picture +166 Picture +164
' Dudes actually got a rocket! ' - dontquotemeonthis… +161 Put your ta-tas away Harlot, today is a holy day! … +161
Picture +161 Haunt those ************* until vengeance is yours... +159
>dad's an anime girl damn that's hot … +158 had to use this at some point. +158
I'll just leave this here. +156 ****** Anime* +154
While I neither agree, nor disagree with you, you must admit h… +151 As much as I can see the practicality and comfort of wearing a… +150
Wow, I didn't realize how many puns were made in Pokemon +149 Call the Police....they just tried to ****** you! +147
Picture +142 ive never watched or read game of thrones +138
speaking of ****** threads +137 Picture +137
jaime koeppe, you're welcome +136 Picture +131
Way to go Admin you heartless ******* +129 "well why not" "sure what could happen"… +128
I feel that a kill la kill cosplay on a toddler may be--- in p… +126 Picture +126
at the kitchen i work at, if people are being all bitchy ill g… +126 I had an idea for an anime where its from the perspective of t… +124
What really happened +123 **smashingprodigy rolled image ** My girlfriend. +123
THE IMPLICATION IS SEX +122 the internet has become signify better since russians have sta… +121
Picture +120 Picture +118
Ladies please, one at a time +118 Cave man barney stinson +116
**minsheme rolled image ** how my girlfriend comes home +114 Wow, what a great comment. +113
Picture +112 Modern Family Feud: >asks questions with obvious sugges… +112
OC +111 Picture +109
He's right! Nothing should ever be removed or else it's abuse!… +109 um I'm sorry... did you say no one? +108
from what i've been told the only thing stopping us is china w… +108 MFW Halloween of '98 +107
Been a while since you put out some OC, would be cool to see again. +107 **minsheme rolled image ** I fap to this +106
Ahh Zack Ryder makes me laugh so much at times +105 Wish I was that ******* bike..... +104

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