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These hackers went too far this time. +980 **newdevyx rolls 000** He should buy a lottery ticket and tr… +681
You picked a poor name. +629 The internet is actually succeeding? What a time to be alive. +500
with or without clothes she is still fapable +403 They do, they're called whistle blowers, and eventually have t… +394
"Nothing of value was lost" top kek +388 Of course the Vatican State is reddit's least favorite country. +353
"don't let go, jack.." +342 "i actually am hoping to have a deaf child" +335
They SHOULD give a **** about it. And they should… +332 This is why some people have nice things. +328
a 22 has the recoil of a baby trowing one small rock +320 I love this site. When I see thumbs up on my comments I dont e… +309
One is run by terrorists while the other is a religion with or… +306 Get out of here with your positivity! +303
I think he's rubbing something else now +299 Picture +298
"Do what you must, I have already won" +271 >clothed sasha grey +260
We have always been 'that kid'. +259 Its like skyrim but with lotion and shame +258
here take this hat your haircut is **** . +243 > Cat smells like pot +242
The amount of patience and training it took to teach them each… +241 I like Ben Yahtzee +239
Picture +238 my english not good but this post is a ******* +234
Rule Britannia Britannia rules the waves. +228 Guys I am the real 4 chan it was me all along what do I do to … +226
"I AM TUNDE!" And so ends one of the best s… +226 >sex for first time with total stranger >doesn't use… +223
We are literally the only humor site without facist mods … +214 What I imagined for "glorious reveal" +212
Admin be like. +211 Picture +208
Picture +208 Here's a video she took +205
Fun fact about KFC in Japan: Because of the fact that turkey i… +205 Protector of the galaxy +204
That would be Jane Lynch. +202 I ******* love when /b/ writes letters. +199
Are you ******* sorry? +198 my little sister died of cancer. she asked me to never let my … +198
1) 2) 3) ASK CARLOS) Part 5) ) Swi… +196 move this **** to morbid where it belongs pi… +195
That's like the complete opposite of what tumblr would do. +194 you control your own destiny, its just a matter of fighting al… +193
Bradley wanted me to say a word or two for the masses. … +191 is not a cat.... doesn't tell us wtf it is. +190
>Yours truly, TUMBLR +190 420 shots per minute +189
>not checking if she is on the pill before you stick it in +187 wow that's like worth 2$! +186
HI BILLY ADMIN MAYS HERE WITH ANOTHER SPECIAL OFFER! Click thi… +169 mfw femaleader went down. +167
"basically rape" Rape is rape, there is no … +160 as a cashier at a fast food restaurant i can say this is 100% … +160
Picture +158 it slipped tho +153
Picture +151 **** was only 99 cents. +151
Someone please shop the sign to say "ayyy lmao" +150 Picture +147
Picture +147 There's this indie game developer/SJW named Zoe Quinn. Apparen… +145
Picture +145 1. Clifford the big black ********** . +145
Where the **** are the comments? +144 You're playing with fire my friend. +142
I've never been turned on just from someone looking at me +142 graduated class last year and half my friends are already enga… +141
no this humidity +141 I AM TUNDE!!!! +138
some cute sneks should solve this problem. +137 >sweden >most attractive +137
I love some of the youtube replies "The first th… +136 Really? It didn't take me too long... +134
family guy outta nowhere +132 Picture +131

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