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reddit got like 100 million dollars of investment money, has a… +701 **dnallor rolls 888** +657
I hope they were sugar-free. +652 Good music my ass. +539
**dnallor rolls 22** +470 Picture +455
He gets all the bitches but he really just wants a fag in his mouth +442 Picture +434
you're god damn right he can. +431 The ability to roll blunts +424
Fat privilege is having the entire pool at the mercy of your d… +421 the michelin man is ******* hot +379
Picture +348 Picture +329
Dirty Megablock peasant +322 >press button >"I want to look like the guy all… +321
the heart of a horse +306 This is right before Dumbledor slays Smog the dragon, and Tyri… +299
that's a chick. +293 ur mom lol! +291
Russian Roulette type of roll. You roll and there is a 1 i… +290 I cant see how that would be fun. +283
Picture +282 forgot this one OP +281
Picture +270 Gotta love poeple with great creativity +269
More like NesBRICK.... hehehe right guys? get it? +261 **lemonpepsiking rolls 3** +253
Doesn't sound like no regrets. Come on, open up to your Fu… +250 As an added bonus you can cosplay as angler fish. +248
"Oh no, there's a guy vomiting! RUN!!!" +245 "tit nectar" +244
Equalism you say? Yes, i like that. That wou… +242 These funny texting stories are less funny when they're so bla… +240
**madcoww rolled image ** MFW I'm feeling RED +238 you can fold a five dollar bill to make pancakes. +238
OH BOY HERE WE ******* GO. I used to g… +238 he says he wants some good ol fashioned cola +233
**bloodmira rolled image ** +229 Picture +226
10/10 would dock +226 ok +218
Michael Brown was not being violent when he was killed! *loots… +210 no. +209
Picture +209 Picture +205
My tongue is constantly in contact with the same flesh as a vagina. +204 So many blind spots. just stupid. +199
im fat and I found it funny +196 Dad's presentation +194
Picture +191 You remind me a lot like myself when I was younger Ki… +187
Picture +186 Calcium. +185
anyone? +184 It kinda looked like the girl drawing herself on the left was … +182
Picture +182 Wide hips and voluptuous thighs are my thing. +181
hue hue brrrr gib money plox heu brr brr +179 Lawyer here. The laws vary from place to place, but in cross-e… +178
The ability to roll some of the newest users to the site, and … +177 >mfw +175
Admin can be so inspirational sometimes Makes me wann… +172 **oldladydriven rolled image ** my life in a nutshell +170
I bought skull girls thinking "I'll be fine with a keyboa… +168 how many black guys do you need to start a riot? … +168
same reason i got with pizza +167 you say it like it's a good idea +167
What would happen if somebody threw a tennis ball? +166 Has anyone even thought that it's HIS sweat? Because her boobs… +166
Picture +165 please refrain from answering here and just click the "Hi… +163
You forgot to mention that he's 100% colorblind and this is th… +162 Add a choice to roll a comment from a certain poster, like *ro… +161
Picture +161 > ask people what they doing on monday night > its m… +161
i wanna touch the butt +158 Picture +156
Picture +154 Picture +153

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