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apology for bad english when were you when 4chan dies… +617 Admin when SJWs come to Funnyjunk. Hopefully +546
sooo i guess they didnt get away scott free +469 No, some of us don't want this place to get flooded with … +430
I find it quite ironic that FJ is being hailed as the last bas… +392 Tfw nothing I'm ever going to watch will ever be as good as Sc… +380
as someone with heart issues, who really likes festivals... ev… +374 Male circumcision is a sex crime +359
Picture +356 How some Scots are feeling right now +338
HFW the entire video +295 Picture +293
I'd rather stay on 4chan and fight. The SJW mods are already f… +276 MFW +264
when u bust a nut, but she keep suckin +260 I'm glad they decided to stop after the 8th season of Scrubs, … +254
I tried +252 "the human eye cant distinguish between 30 and 60 fps any… +252
But Admin, you fat korean **** , why would someone… +245 Guys, here's a short recap of Gamer Gate thing for those who'r… +243
Picture +233 Fukken' liar. +232
Picture +231 oh man does this make me want to look up some hard core prawn! +228
<swells with legal pride +228 I bet the workers are pepsi +215
Picture +211 It will always be too soon +203
That's why I can't stand those so called feminists (Sarkeesian… +193 <If you don't get the joke +191
hey admin. has fj had more traffic because of all the sjw crap? +188 this is stupid they can't even shut down pirate bay a… +185
tried it at home +185 **hawkmonster rolled image ** this made my day +184
They are really well made, 10/10 would take it for an actual add. +183 long ago the internet lived together in peace and harmony, but… +181
Picture +180 I like FJ the way it is; mostly ignored. +174
Picture +172 They're not oranges they're tangelos +168
Picture +163 im thinking that somebody right now makes sexual content , tha… +163
Glory to admin for keeping our site free of these fags. +161 MFW reading the description This is still a pretty c… +161
4chan's FW moving to 8chan +158 With an anxiety ruler. +158
I can't believe people aren't reading the free energy story on… +158 Someone broke in didn't they? +157
I was skipping through FJ blindly for a sec while looking at a… +157 Picture +155
She looks like she's into it.... +151 Picture +148
Remember guys, keep talking, keep posting the images, don't le… +147 sorry for not good English, but this post was ******* ! +147
Funnyjunk is the last ship, ladies and gentlemen. Let us ride. +144 This helped a lot, thank you. +143
Don't worry I'm like the milkman, I cum every morning. +137 >clothes dlc >weapons dlc >food dlc >m… +136
black magic +136 Like they did during Aurora and all the others right? +136
Satsuki's eyebrow game is strong +134 that's like 32c, and water is basically forbidden? WTF? +134
Ehm +134 Kojima don't care. +133
And the US is the only reason France doesn't speak Russian. We… +129 Picture +128
MFW +127 Im just laughing over the fact that superman's on social media… +125
If it's black it can go back +125 fallout with the internet +124
Picture +123 Sometimes doing nothing is all that is needed. +122
His ****** face tho he gives like … +121 How about I make you question it again? +121
The puppet backing up slowly makes it for me. +121 In the not too distant future. +121
That whisper.. +121 Picture +121

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