Picture +584 >Show up and see her like this alone >grab her by th… +498
Pickers of Cotton. +459 a billionaire retard +424
I wanna stick my dick in it. The girl's cute too. +413 i laughed +358
"choosing" +349 He didn't say 'no homo' What a faggot +338
Picture +336 Fixed +331
You start out trying to be nice to everyone, as they all offer… +328 How many times do you walk by a mirror in a given day? +321
Jokes on you, OP. I already have that in my search history. +318 The weaker pan could do this to the stronger pan. Its all abou… +308
Picture +307 Professor trying to grade 200 exams in a single night. +296
Who even cares about this **** ? +294 18 female in your neighborhood wants to ***… +290
I MAILED YOU A BOMB! THE F-BOMB! HAHAHAHHA … +283 Did you have your hand in a blender while you were typing that +272
Sometimes God wants to get your attention because you being a … +269 The way funnyjunk sees it +265
Are you ******* kidding me? +265 He found his dad? +261
Dude they're still friends. They just share a different vision… +227 youre right. It did +226
I applaud you foe getting the yes, but c'mon man, don't send 3… +220 Picture +219
I guess it's time to watch Forrest Gump again +211 Look at them, grab the biggest gear (in your mind), and rotate… +204
Asian women are more famous for not aging progressively than M… +199 thats some fast thinking, i applaud thee +197
*cough* amys baking company *cough*. but to be honest she was … +195 True +194
I love this man +193 my dongers +193
It actually works! +187 Thanks for inspiration, bruh. +187
This lovely chap. +185 His racist remark is literally from his biography. t… +185
Making my way downtown, walking fast. +182 furst +179
The ******* eyes moving got me. +179 apparently Anita is coming to my campus next month...i kind of… +175
wow, much answer, very done +174 copy that +173
Thought of by a tumblr user*1 "rtrixie" and coined b… +171 Anon broke the bro code. gratz to him for passing the ultimate… +171
Heaven required Flash player +167 That is if you watch the American version. The Uk version is a… +165
I still support Gamergate, but goddamn did they kill their own… +164 I ******* hate his face +162
10/10 would give a sock +162 She just compared herself to a whale. She did our job for us. +161
Picture +159 How dumb can you be, don't stand on the ****** road +158
Programming while mastrubating +158 Picture +156
That's right Jens, that were it +156 do it for mr skeltal +156
Civ V negotiations in a nutshell. +155 What did he think would have been his reaction in that second,… +154
No, he is suceeding to be funny +153 Except it isn't. It's a straight up World of Warcraft joke. +152
Picture +151 Picture +151
How do you expect us to play pit preacher bingo if we can't se… +151 **vocalvocarooguy used "*roll picture*"** **vocalvocarooguy… +149
It's funny you uptight prick. +147 Picture +142
One day I was asking a girl about her favorite movies, she sai… +141 Book 6- SNAPE KILLED DUMBLEDOODLE. Book 7- He was hel… +141
sand in eyes, sand in face, sand in mouth +136 "everyone" +134
Picture +133 You bastard Thought you could sneak it in there +131
Well, that's the dream, isn't it? +131 In the trash. +131
Obviously he was supposed to say he'd go to class with her. +130 That's just what an under-cover Black Science Man Alien would say. +129

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