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Punctured lung Several cracked rips Exposed skull … +498 Picture +481
Geez thats cheap, ******* bargain. +470 I thought this was gonna be a post about "Give your kids … +450
k +421 why? +417
Watermelonium +371 So, in order to get revenge for being called a faggot, he gets… +351
what a bad teacher, lets kids talk and be disruptive during a … +345 As if I'm the one who did it, HA! +317
Picture +316 $250 worth of batteries every month? Those fancy blow up dolls… +294
Jokes on you, the Earth is round, that line isn't straight at all. +277 this has less lag than real life +277
look at the funny +269 >itsthethai hue +268
>Meme's done right +257 I heard somewhere that the voice actor for Gordon Freeman died… +254
Picture +247 Picture +241
Picture +241 >is jewish >doesn't know why men get circumcised … +238
If you'd were a boy... >you'd have to suck it up if you… +236 "Damn it... He's back. I'll have to do think another plan" +226
Technically she's only tasting half of the recipe +216 Jason Todd walked in to a bar and the Joker is bar tending. … +211
Sometimes I find myself wondering for hours about how would de… +208 Very funny OP.. very funny.. +204
Here we see the natural breeding grounds of the rubix cube +203 crossovers seldom do +203
Picture +202 Picture +202
The new Payday 2 DLC looks great +201 And I've managed to disappoint each and every one of them. +198
I'll take my autism award and be on my way +198 Picture +194
Fast and furious airstrip +190 at first i thought i was going to rage, but by the end of it..… +189
Picture +187 dont tell me what to do +187
found this on google +180 oh my god did i try +174
Picture +173 Picture +173
This is how the world should work. No safety labels. If you hu… +172 Why would you want it to stop? +172
when parking spaces are all full +170 Picture +170
When girls draw themselves as slightly chubby, you know they'r… +169 No thanks even if it's a 3some. I don't wanna wake up in t… +166
What kind of sick degenerate **** do you have to … +159 1st one, you can sleep when you're dead 2nd one, Hidi… +154
At last.... +153 Dead cats are no laughing matter. Dead people? Hilarious! But … +152
**** you, we keep the bloodline pure +150 "I demand you stop selling burgers!" "What?… +149
That is some hentai plot type **** right there. +147 because narcissists are stupid +146
you can also use this +144 das gay +143
Seal of Approval +142 -Nice artstyle -Good plot -Tits -Made me blow air … +142
Imagine the poor janitor having to mop up all the semen that night +140 Easy to use. Goddamn borderline impossible to miss. Do… +139
Because he banged Katy Perry and everyone else is jealous as … +138 your life is boring isn't it? +134
nature you scery +132 Relatable. Sometimes there are idiots who **** ar… +131
************** selling the stuffed corpses of his… +129 Picture +128
Picture +125 What do you call a cheap circumcision? a rip off +122
i remember this episode. The red circle isnt really there +122 Picture +121
Jerk before you drive, jerk after you drive but don't jerk whi… +121 sorta +119
Picture +117 I always think of this when I see this post +116
No pointy shark teeth and mentioning of penises. Who… +113 what a perfect place to level my firemaking +112

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