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well **** +653 Picture +574
i ******* cringed at how beta this guy was in thi… +393 that's okay though because a 3rd hit will never come. +380
Wow, karma IS a bitch! +378 The Japanese fight for their emperor. The English fig… +347
well when you are gay you do handle a lot of hot meat +321 Picture +298
Picture +285 what I see in the mirror +282
i always feel bad for fat/ugly/midget actors because partially… +269 Picture +268
250 thumbs saves this radioshow and I keep going. +266 Wonderful performance Baconface. +249
You can also get dick from Richard. if yo… +246 If she were real, she'd be on tumblr, I'm sure. +245
always ******* ponies +242 there ya go +241
then a bit of color. and you're done. +233 Let's not get curvy mixed up with round. I'm looking … +227
Picture +226 and then she found out she had a twin brother who was put up f… +223
**bakagaijin rolled image ** at first i was like "who … +221 Picture +220
Picture +218 Liking MLP itself isnt weird. Its the fact people obsess over … +217
Most likely, but being on tumblr didn't help. +215 Picture +210
BECAUSE YOU TOLD ME TO!! +210 Picture +207
Picture +205 Picture +205
actually this is a Hephaestus God of Fire, Metalworking, Ston… +203 If daddy doesn't shave for mommy, then mommy doesn't shave for… +200
ITT: Kids doing stupid and/or funny **** . +198 ** ************ rolled user steelwoolsheep ** … +198
Picture +194 Picture +193
Picture +193 Picture +185
Picture +182 HFW the crowd starts to rip off her clothes and violently gang… +182
Here's a one from the physics building in my university. There… +181 Did someone say "savages"? +175
Actually, this was the correct use of a circle, you wholegrain… +166 it's not that bad, all you need is to add a little bit of shading... +163
For the founders +160 My actual face when I'm one of the hottest guys on FJ +158
It's also a penguin. +157 The problem with the shield is it can only block twice +155
>Be in 6th grade >Teacher is teaching us about divis… +152 <what I drew +152
well maybe if he wasnt going so damn fast this wouldnt have hapened +151 **inuzukaa rolled user steelwoolsheep ** Who im marring with +147
**baconface rolls 4,104,245** inb4 OP doesn't delliver +146 actually Adventure time and regular show was cartoon networks … +143
im pretty sure the first used metal wasn't an alloy. +137 baconface's face when +135
Picture +134 its like regular toast, but with more guns. +133
**youborn rolled image ** Jail janitors fw broken pipe +132 You know for kids right...? +130
More blood for the blood Doge. +128 That explains why she kept running away. +126
>Something bad happens >Most Americans want war … +125 Picture +125
I don't know how many of you will understand this +125 **youborn rolled image ** what beeing gay feels like +124
Did I deliver?? Was I jerking off? (I was) +123 still about a hundred bucks off +123
Cheating on your partner is still not cool... +122 I guess they could throw a hell of a party. +122
Picture +122 For those who want it animated: +122
a good pirate just makes a copy +120 Picture +120
Picture +119 Picture +119
no offence intended pls don't be mad +118 Picture +117

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