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polite call of duty kid. +702 thanks mr admin +438
the rolling part would squish all the blood out and he'd be li… +367 Picture +352
A website where we cann speak whatever **** we wa… +351 Admin hired Zoe Quinn and her associates to cause a giant inte… +337
Admin, you are my favorite faggot of the whole internet. … +332 ah raven, the first person to ever make my question my sexuali… +309
"Tip: I'm so ******* mad." +306 i'll just **** the 6/10s who message me on tinder… +299
Here you go folks +262 when u bust a nut, but she keep suckin +260
Tfw nothing I'm ever going to watch will ever be as good as Sc… +257 I tried +251
An atheist is born. +250 You got them +246
>when they're all moldy and disgusting and covered in fungu… +243 4chan has been around a long time. FJ has been around longer. … +243
ok, i hate ugly fat white chicks there, i said someth… +231 Funny joke, but this is a real problem I see. If we're eating… +220
MFW +215 Admin i would like to apply for mod. Here is my past … +205
This isn't it at all. Germans especially are very accommodatin… +201 oh man does this make me want to look up some hard core prawn! +200
webm +199 I find it quite ironic that FJ is being hailed as the last bas… +199
"Get in there you little **** "" +193 Picture +186
Picture +186 Artist is John Su, if anyone's interested. He's got some nice … +177
Ok what that guy just did was pretty damn smooth. +177 as someone with heart issues, who really likes festivals... ev… +172
I broke the code +170 If you like cancer.. +166
Hold on a minute. Japan has some weird **** , but … +163 bwahahahahahaha i knew it everyone into this … +163
TFW you realize you've been betrayed by ceasar's legion +161 Picture +161
Picture +161 So we are just giving away everybodys secret identities now +158
A vagina. +156 I'm glad they decided to stop after the 8th season of Scrubs, … +153
Picture +151 what the **** is hitler made of? ******* … +148
When were you where Hitler is kill. ill go >Ich bi… +147 I said this exact thing to a friend of mine on skype yesterday… +147
But Admin, you fat korean **** , why would someone… +147 this was the top comment the last time this was posted +144
Remember guys, keep talking, keep posting the images, don't le… +144 Sorry but I just had too... +141
This makes life look like a movie. +140 We have survived because we did not choose to partake in the f… +138
**MisfitsFan rolled image ** MFW Black people +138 Admin when SJWs come to Funnyjunk. Hopefully +138
Admin might be a faggot, but he's the best faggot out there. K… +137 Picture +136
>clothes dlc >weapons dlc >food dlc >m… +136 why is he laughing in english? +135
Vote is in. Scotland stays a part of the UK 55% to 45%. If any… +132 How some Scots are feeling right now +130
thank you based admin for not abandoning us +129 And people will still film vertically with it... +125
What boxes? +124 2014 +124
My mum never allowed me to get a beyblade back then so I built… +123 Picture +122
>Americans +120 Picture +120
Picture +120 "the human eye cant distinguish between 30 and 60 fps any… +118
no girls on the internet, just fat guys and fbi agents +116 Sure the questions are stupid, but it's far worse when people … +115
Former FBi agent, Marine Corps sniper and an Olympian. Wit… +115 FLY! +114
Made this one a while ago. +113 Picture +112
God the animation is so lazy +111 Brothers! Let us disable adblock in thanks of our glorious and… +110
scotland +110 Enjoy living in your "everything is ok in the world aroun… +110

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