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1) its the opposite direction 2) #FF0000 3) this is a … +678 Make FJ green again +480
Picture +414 >Not fapping before your body produced semen +399
Why not just kill a vegan and give the bones to the dog? … +374 every sticky content you make makes me want to **** … +369
**danster rolls 000** I want to roll random numbers too. +360 **iamslender rolls 394** +324
revive krillin... again +318 Workers face when told about their next project. Build T… +315
Picture +310 yea, she's too old for me too. +303
Your mother in bed isnt on the list +292 Everytime my friends show me something funny they found on the… +286
HFW when +282 They're omnivores. That's why we have both flat and sharp teeth. +269
Every time I see Kim Jong Un I think "that funnyjunk man" +256 it +256
I like how because it's /fit/, he has to state his height and … +256 thanks +251
Picture +243 Picture +221
If I were the taxi driver I would've just laughed it off and s… +220 Sorry, forgot it doesn't work both ways. **** … +219
**itstuesday rolls 66** +218 U wot m8? +206
This kind of **** pisses me off. When you bre… +198 do you really think that people would go on the internet and t… +193
i wish for white text +193 Now I ain't saying she a gold digger, but she ain't messing wi… +191
>Asks a question >Gets an answer >"I don… +191 Blu-ray is better. +186
**bluwizard rolled image ** when i want to outrage and offend +177 Class is the tool of the enemy. +177
**antzell rolled image ** feminism +173 Now that's a sexual reference. +173
oh deer +172 So the warning basically reads "may cause sweating, peein… +166
I love stickies. Please post more. Also, tell Gaben not to m… +161 <Vegans in a nutshell. +161
"You think I'm strapped in here for my safety?" +158 You know what we want. +158
This game was hell in a college dorm with only a doorknob at t… +154 i guess he told her to bend doe ver +154
Picture +151 Related. +151
dude was clearly over the line definitely deserved it +151 **bluwizard rolled image ** when i harass women +150
" ******* bitch as crackers, I *******… +148 Tumblr users' inability to do a little simple research before … +145
that guy is so in love he even has her name on his shirt +145 Too bad he probably won't be in the next world cup +145
Picture +145 It's so realistic. +142
Picture +142 Look at all that funny +142
**** ***** , what kind of oppressed a… +136 It was actually called the bathtub barracuda +135
Picture +134 **** I MEANT TO POST THIS +133
why the **** is everything about this goddamn fro… +131 **edwardurahara rolls 999,594,296** Come on, nine 0's. +130
Picture +128 Picture +128
Contact every big party supply place, offer to be their sole p… +126 **enderwolf rolls 999,612,488** +124
I don't get it +124 Picture +122
Was your phone that gay before or after she stole it from you? +122 it's payback for all the damn random battles. +121
science doesn't work like that, if you're born with the XY chr… +119 BANNEDBANNEDBANNED... +119
Picture +118 Old people are like kittens to me. I can't not love them and t… +117
**urbanlegends rolled image ** i would be glad to be a taxi… +117 Whenever I see someone do "/thread" in a 4chan post … +116
>mfw someone builds the great library the same turn as me, … +114 Picture +114
I'll suck your nuts anyday, you delicious hunk +113 Some people think I'm funny now... +110

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