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**nufull rolled image ** xxx sonic fan xxx gtg fast +973 So there was still some traffic while the site was down. It lo… +659
"Doesn't afraid of anything" +566 It's a palm tree +493
this man got it with captcha so he is no bot he just … +442 Tell them... I went fast... +410
"Hey do you want to hear an interesting fact?" &… +393 Picture +380
Good to know throughout history we have kept our priories in order +379 2spooked2login 'cause Halloween +376
Picture +328 > Her first love .. Poor girl..? +319
hagrid knows all this because he has a deadlydong +309 Fixed +295
Zoe Quinn, thus forcing everybody to register. +287 Is it really a water balloon then? +286
You know this might have a stronger impact if this was coming … +286 Honestly, that's how I feel about my PC. +277
the difference of an idiot and a brave woman +275 Too bad it doesn't cause autism. it would increase the traffic… +264
good +260 I'm supposed to do this now, right? +253
No, Twenty Firth. It's how Mike Tyson pronounces it. +250 So basically the past you developed the same fetish for women … +245
Cows..such majestic creatures. +242 first +239
Why'd you bring religion into it? I don't get it, man. +237 love Cobert +236
in 7th grade i went to see a movie with a boy and in the … +227 Nice try officer. +224
gotta dong fast +224 3 of anything looks like a boyband to tumblr. +222
*cough* Fifty Shades of Gray Movie *cough* written by female *… +218 Why do you try so ******* hard +216
I'd like to believe that these kinds of people are the minorit… +213 Pageviews +212
You're becoming a really tired joke really fast. +211 Anomalous. Change deleted comment to "Damage con… +205
Weren't Season 2 and 3 held in Los Angeles? +200 **** +199
maybe he's just a homeless person +192 you're right, a little old for my taste +187
its not like taking a site down for a week was a going to incr… +187 Picture +180
uh I think I need a new username +180 but that's where you're wrong, admin funnyjunk IS my life +174
An this amazing image can only be seen at 09/11/01.. +173 Because the pie chart one was so god dayum impossible to read,… +168
Stop raping me with your thumbs! +167 Picture +166
Can you bring the duct tape though? +165 I would watch the **** out of this. +164
ur mum's butt lol +164 "Which Johnny Depp character do you want to be?" +164
A man can dream.. +164 he knows that depp has a deadly dong +163
Picture +162 **hopporto rolls 22** +160
He just a busta. +160 I want to laugh at Rebecca's idiocy, but I just spent the last… +160
It's such an intensely touching story, and you are using it fo… +159 you don't need to tell me Stephen i've been jerkin i… +158
Just like humans and apes.... +156 Picture +156
Picture +153 Nicki Minaj was actually in that top 100? +152
shots fired +151 have you tried turning fj off then on again? +150
Im the last one +149 Picture +148
Well I know what I'm doing next Halloween. +143 All in all, it's just another brick in the wall. +142
Picture +140 >bearing arms is a fundamental right. Yes, let's have a… +132
"Hey, what are you in for?" "I ****… +132 what's really scary about all of these is our fap materials ar… +131
>berrypicker as **** +130 I hate to say it but... was the cow's life actually more valua… +128
Anything you say can and will be used against you in a court of law +128 this one's bloody reverse holy **** the first… +127

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