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Comparing a Renaissance master with the common Weeaboo. +619 Dog obedience competition? Nah son, free food and toys. +590
Makes me feel ****** for lurking +426 That's a nice thought, but ***** I own a mirror. … +385
I saw that going somewhere else +374 Picture +359
Something that makes her look naked on camera but hides all th… +342 My brother did this, and filled it with water and a rose, and … +336
So...do you come here often? +335 I think murder is bad, and anyone who murders deserves to go t… +330
**nufull rolled image ** i like your logic. 0 c =… +320 I know it wasn't your fault lad. I'm thumbing you up. +319
another thread successful +316 **zeroqp rolled image ** what about this? please no H… +312
Maybe she likes someone in that gym. Maybe it's you. +308 THIS IS CLEARLY SEXUAL HARASSMENT FEMALE OFFICER CAN ONLY … +302
Ohhhhhhh.....ohhhhhhhh, swiss content AND its not about Roger … +285 1. push platform down with hand 2. get released 3. let… +279
lets live in a generation where developers release games that … +270 Said no one ever... +269
Picture +264 **serterazi rolls 88** +261
Picture +254 Don't you just hate when instead of a funny and interesting co… +240
**blockcube rolled image ** this door +237 I thought this was gonna be a comp I was disappointed. +237
"with years of training... pretty poor example o… +228 Is he a GTA character? How did he get out of the game? +227
I'm planning on this change: - shows your rank in 24 … +218 Helps to reverse it +209
I don't know man, was rather funny hearing about the guy who w… +208 I love bo burnham +204
"Battlefield = superior war simulator." "I … +202 Picture +201
what kind of idiot would got to Westeros?? +201 For those who can't read it, basically, this fake account, Ope… +198
Coming from an oppressive cishet white male scum, why is there… +193 Really looking forward to not seeing this guy on the front pag… +191
Picture +190 **kikiubo rolled image ** +188
real life version +186 Jesus christ how horrifying. +185
Aaaaaaay Macarena! +185 It's Orange is the New Black +185
Picture +181 Picture +173
The kind that jiggles. +172 Yes +171
bet it was this star +168 A-A-RON +167
You don't have to outrun the zombies, you just have to outrun … +166 Picture +165
You got triples on the interior. +162 My weekend is planned +162
Sure is shocking that a child would want to use the most recen… +162 The fanfictions +160
Picture +159 Those aren't your average everyday bunions, those are some … +147
Picture +145 That bike was a dog in a past life. +145
Didn't even pay to play. He got a free banana. +144 So many conflicting emotions +144
holy **** that was cool though hard… +144 Switzerland plays the game long term +142
No tumblr, mayonnaise is not a gender. +139 I knew this would come in handy sooner or later +139
Punching a woman doesn't make sense, what kind of person destr… +138 Picture +137
Picture +136 you cant say anything bad to a woman anymore or else it's rape… +136
>Windows crashes >Update Adobe Reader >All is… +136 Picture +132
Eye see what you did there +130 Tumblr home of insecure pre-teens with idiotic notion… +129
You Are A Sandstorm - DarudeyTown +129 mfw +127
instructions unclear +126 "Woah, I just had the craziest ******* trip.… +124
When he hits the secondi carioli +124 Holy **** pokemon fans are almost as bad as weeab… +123

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