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left or dead a game about nascar +779 >has a girlfriend >has millions of followers >… +698
Picture +632 Great job! +568
People make fun of other people because of their shoes? Kids a… +512 I think my sink is clogged.. +422
Maybe the man didn't see the difference. +403 Picture +391
Can I add one letter? I really want to play Goat Stimulator +391 Picture +378
Various "Roll" buttons for comment window. +349 Now clean the sink. Seriously, the amount of dross that wo… +344
Picture +337 i dont understand all those country comics and i don't find th… +293
Read comments to us like a bedtime story ¬ +253 HOOPLAH! HOOPLAH! +249
thats how we got eminem +244 She said ALMOST +235
A gif of a video that filmed a broken gif on a computer screen? +232 Also, why are there two sets of share buttons? You can save sp… +225
NEW EPISODE CHECKLIST patrick is a prick ✔ squi… +214 “I cannot explain why” Because you associate vege… +210
Disable the Left and Right arrows for navigating through conte… +208 The wife might be a cunt and a dead fish in the sack, sister c… +208
Yeah its almost like he follows a script specifically made for… +204 I love this kind of humor, very simple surprise moment and jok… +204
Picture +203 "While I don't like judging" Suuurrree… +202
Good guy black guy +200 Today I had sleep paralysis and let me tell you it's not … +200
For those who have seen the episode +199 Captions of TV shows > all the *********** , … +198
Picture +198 You know what really grinds my gears? The Steam comme… +191
MILF Mom Step mom +188 "We're still gonna fight about it tho" >hfw +186
studied most likely, that is what i would do, srsly if i w… +184 im city you are a city. +183
emancipated* +181 "Who disliked my video" Lost it. +180
what a cunt +177 Some guy who always poses like that in front of peoples buttcr… +170
Picture +170 Picture +168
>>#2 if this one doesnt ******* li… +167 Picture +163
From the very same episode. +162 So we're afraid of a country that has computers so old you ha… +159
To bad they don't watch their kids enough to keep them from ge… +158 i don't get vegans ranting and downright hating omniv… +157
A cutecumber is clearly a vegetable. Can't you read? +155 >kotaku +154
Generally, art museums have lousy security. They also don't ha… +154 the artist is a girl +153
Its tinder you mongoloid, look it up. +152 Picture +152
badidea +151 1. Ten 100-year lives. I'm already tired enough as is of this … +150
You could probably tell her you have a 15 inch penis and get a… +150 There goes 5 minutes of my life +150
Picture +148 the fox is colder +147
That's my line. +146 how do any of them keep a straight face? +144
pewdiepie isn't the problem his community is +140 I can assure you I am tired of life, but not Weird Al. +140
Picture +140 "*Snicker* Your giftcard is in there!" "Oka… +139
But the joke wasn't that good... +137 I see literally nothing wrong with that. +137
Picture +135 Fair enough, amethyst isn't really expensive though. It's just… +134
Picture +131 Uncle Buck is my ******* Jam +130
Picture +129 Fix this **** you ****** . +128
You let your parents pick your gaming gear for you? +128 that's disgusting, ******* arabs are so hairy +127
>Lost a bet, needs to pay friend a $15 gift card >Sp… +126 he looks so goddamn happy. **** . +126

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