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Is Japan even real or is it just an amusement park with an economy? +891 O-R-E-O!!!!!!!!!! +728
Picture +547 God I ******* hate women like this. Real… +409
msg Todd > hey todd look what your date just sent me to… +389 yeah its a valid move, i checked +384
Kit-Kat-Ko +375 My last roommate had a biblical ass. My new roommate is a mode… +358
I am a trans-ketchup sauce-kin and I find the refusal to recog… +287 luv tigerz +274
on that day humanity received a grim reminder a reminder t… +257 Picture +251
Hell yeah +238 "trying to figure out their gender" you see if i… +233
.........................................................dammit +227 Who wants to play a round +226
I'm all for assimilating and "destroying" culture of… +223 I can confirm +219
sure, i'll play +214 Don't leave a fox there with it's mouth open. You'll attract f… +208
well you are if you're older, my brother was introduced to me … +206 Yup +199
Picture +198 Later... +195
YES!! +193 oh wow using an actual strategy do you get pissed if someo… +187
mentioned in a post....swells with autism +187 All hail Based Dale! +181
Yeah, guy on right really is a bitch +179 Picture +176
yes but i was wrong, Ima win +176 Picture +175
Picture +175 I can see the ending already Cat +175
It represents how many times you've blown air slightly harder … +173 "Its cock blockula." +172
Because they are in lesbians with each other +172 She swallowed it. +172
Hey guys, I'm going to go to sleep. I know a lot of you can't … +171 She wanted it really +170
Oh can you +170 Reminds me of these +167
Picture +167 Picture +166
Picture +166 Some guy's imagination. +165
>Be at gym on leg day doing a cool down on a bike >i… +164 Picture +159
Hah, imagine identifying as a diner condiment, I on the other … +159 Which had to be paused every 30 seconds to collect the darts. … +155
The line isn't lined up with the rest of the thing +155 Picture +155
Picture +154 That's what I thought too. +153
"Where will you be when diarrhea strikes" +150 OOOO-RR-EEEEEEEE-OOOOOOO +148
You guys won't believe this, but that's a hand under the table. +148 Why would you do that? +144
If you had a chip like this, would you kill yourself? +143 "head ache" more like you have no penis, Hal. +143
It's a joke +139 That last panel tho +138
You should tell them you're a mod on funnyjunk +138 hercules +138
cock ring +136 Picture +136
When you calculate the answer to be 250, and the test answers … +133 Picture +133
gluttony take the wheel +132 Just imparting some knowledge from growing up in catholic scho… +129
i love posts like these fj comments are funny as … +127 wait... an ending that is just a normal ending? +127
Picture +126 april yes +125
Her control of that glass is sick, though +125 perfect explanation +123
"Dear penis thank you for not bleeding once a month"… +122 This is the only old Mark Hamill I accept. +122
Same reason I quit playing Destiny. +120 Is this GTA V on PC? +119

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