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>see bee on porch trying to drink from hummingbird feeder … +595 ROLL THE HIGHEST NUMBER IN THIS THREAD IN THE NEXT 30 MINUTE… +529
Absolute Madman +527 That's a boy's voice for sure. +468
kekkles upon kekkles +449 not that that manly beard, i'm intimidated +446
I forgot vermont even existed. Sorry Vermont people, or do you… +444 That's a jewish funeral though... +425
INB4 "entire movie was just the pythons going on a quest … +399 Picture +382
It's almost like all coins don't have the same size and value... +372 Asking a guy out is pretty simple: Girl: "Want t… +334
Picture +322 Picture +312
>The network gave a **** back then But… +303 >All the cucks defending the mom in this thread +291
when its a wasp +283 the one about the dogs, i would seriously sue her for everythi… +280
Half of those women looked pretty attractive with/without the … +273 Just put a spacebar (Or Alt 255) So theyre nothing … +271
Picture +268 that kid is gonna turn out ok +268
PRAISE THE SUN. +259 Picture +255
How I read this. +245 Picture +241
Actually, everything went according to the architect's plan. +232 The least admin could do is share. While the rest of us are de… +229
Picture +227 MFW Football is all about the money. And the passion and fun m… +226
<--- Admin right now. +219 Unacceptable +216
"I don't understand how you're 41 and still buying this … +216 Just because they were said by Hitler doesnt mean the quotes a… +210
perfect +205 Picture +196
tumblr is full of lies +190 She got a number like the rest of them +187
**** the extendo thing got me +187 Can you make it user choice? Put it in the preferences somewhere? +184
I don't mean to bring out my tinfoil hat... +182 Picture +179
That's when you cut the bottom off the toothpaste tube and scr… +175 I agree with the last one, you don't enter a room unannounced. +174
Story time everyone. That's Layka, she made the June … +174 The one about the dogs +172
God damn bees. Always expecting a handout. Go back to your own… +170 hey look it's barry! +169
The majority of office work is finding ways to kill time +169 mewtwo pickachu greninja jigglypuff lu… +169
I know adults who still don't understand the point of this poi… +167 >Tryin to stop this feels train +165
this bitch is ******* awful +164 Picture +164
what did you expect the daughter of kanye to smile or something +162 thought she was gonna die... +162
there's a difference between playful, and leaving dick shaped … +160 The cop car has a parking citation on the windshield +155
She actually has an attractive face. If only she wasn't such … +154 Picture +153
i have no idea what the people in the white truck were even ma… +152 [insert a generic remake of a popular reaction but this time f… +151
Don't **** with Admin Nice comic as always edowaado +151 GHANDI HAS RESEARCHED GUNPOWDER +148
But Chosen Undead and stuff. +146 Football. +145
Hes just trying to protect the homeowner from Mormons. +144 wait what... is the last panel an extended cut? never seen tha… +144
Adminion +143 dramatic zoom in's on people faces is literally the best cinem… +143
raaaw +141 That poor soul +139
i dont like children but that kid is perfect id be his buddy +138 The casuls didn't even play Outside III: Electric Boogaloo +137
And here we have the origin of a reaction pic you've all proba… +136 British locals had a way of dealing with problematic racists.… +136
Joke's on them. They're asexual anyway. +135 Picture +135
Maybe they should have gotten a ball pit. +134 And saying it's from 1979 makes it special because...? +134

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