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I luv u +598 put down the megaphone every once and a while, and just listen +440
Now we know +383 i made an attempt, your comment inspired me +376
Excuse me prankers of youtube, the above is a prank, asking th… +349 Because smash is not a game, it's where everything is decided +345
**martinfreeman rolled image ** why he was shot +340 The one ******* time they get it right... +322
this is the reason i don't like books +309 You're goddamn right it's a robe +302
DayZ gameplay +300 that means they are well made cultural referrences. +291
That's what teamwork looks like when there are people who can … +280 the mouse being ripped in half got to me a lil bit +277
Picture +270 If we all listened to Black Comedy man the world would be a be… +266
***** , you're one beta ************ . +262 We're not playing to save someone's life anymore, Smash is for… +260
aim for the fat one, there's only one there +257 Ohhhhh, **** you man. +239
Happens to me all the time. +238 its SWIGGITY SWOOTY YOU AUTISTIC **** +238
The show is pointless to watch now,the mystery is all gone +235 I can barely climb a ******* rope. +231
Everyone taking the "tweet abuse" joke seriously +231 I wonder what it's like to **** +226
Aaand this is why I usually don't do satire +224 Picture +218
Picture +203 It's not a selfy, but it's my son who was born today. … +200
They actually said one of the reasons for amiibo was to help s… +193 Picture +189
SOILED IT +186 Picture +186
>its 2014 lets get equal >lets get equal > le… +186 What made peanutbitter so great is that he didn't want his &qu… +176
when I see this picture I automatically assume that she's bein… +176 plot twist: he wasnt home last night +176
Picture +174 Welcome to the navy kid +172
**bartdude rolled image ** of course the condoms are fr… +168 No, the one with the plankton was just a decoy formula. … +167
If that doesn't single-handedly win the competition then i don… +165 Excuse me, you have very nice tits. +162
I would have loved Tolkien even more if this was how it went d… +162 wonder what its like to **** in a ball pit +160
Picture +159 That actually doesn't sound like that bad of an idea. +157
Dont be joshlol. +156 Picture +156
The worm in the frog's eye is horrifying. +153 I like how even before they realize it's a joke they don't act… +151
"As they say in Missouri, I ain't going back to Missouri!" +150 Picture +148
op you forgot this one +145 Picture +144
Shimakaze-ass? +141 **joemamaa rolls 33** +141
Guys this isn't a prank, no one hurt anyone then pointed at a … +141 Because the Posse Comitatus Act prevents military operation a… +141
I'll do ur mom then lol +140 4 generations, thousands of encounters, and now Alpha Sapphire… +139
Guys, this is actually an EXTREMELY IMPORTANT THING This i… +138 **nought rolled image ** He'll be going balls deep +137
Oh my god +136 The last time I went to the dentist, they had a *******… +134
Because in his own games, he knows they are his games. He will… +131 I guess you could say this got a little... … +130
Oh you parody Beibergotswag by posting photos of that one fagg… +129 stop while you're ahead bro +128
The Shrek movies are still amazing, and they'll continue to be… +127 Picture +127
words can hurt you know +126 its a murderous creature from a different dimension that swims… +125
"he died robbing a gas station. quickly, we must rob and … +124 **pengpeng rolls 33** +124
look at all that funny +124 Picture +124
You think I'm setting aside sympathy for you? bitch … +124 So are we just gonna ignore this frame or what? +122

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