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Picture +1130 Picture +829
Picture +783 well maybe our oc wouldn't suck so bad if SOME people didn't p… +553
I cant decide whats more disturbing the fact he jerked off in … +529 If the Geiger counter only went up to 3.6 and 3.6 was consider… +467
holy **** so many thumbs, thanks guys I worked re… +369 Those three dudes who sacrificed themselves to stop an explosi… +361
She saw everything and didn't do anything. Why didn't OP take … +335 I choose to believe +317
**leadstriker rolled image ** +313 Picture +295
Narrowly dodged that stab +280 Picture +272
when i lose my wallet +252 who you gonna call? +250
Korea +249 one +248
I don't even think it's possible to be that beta. +241 FJ users outside. +241
> old lady tits > boner activate wat +240 Picture +233
hfw +232 They're all so rock-hard and horny... +224
Picture +217 There is a reason why this **** is not on steam. +210
Picture +208 The only combat vehicle to ever challenge a Challenger 2 was a… +208
Right when I hit search on google image for "sponge… +207 **holybullcrap rolled image ** mfw I take a selfie +205
I actually just uploaded content like this +202 It's understandable, based on the given info it's hard to assu… +201
OH, so now the anon is gonna preach to us. +199 WELL, THIS COCK AIN'T JUST FOR ATTRACTING MATES, OLD MAN. … +197
It was altered by the government so that the workers always fe… +194 Picture +188
He should have just called. +187 The same is said about the M1 Abrams. +184
**anonymous rolled user commanderbunbun ** furry's face wh… +183 Well this was surprisingly normal +182
What did you say, punk? +180 Picture +174
Picture +174 chernobyl facts not showing the coolest thing +173
Picture +173 The **** man. My room is a mess, but … +171
Picture +168 no people. let's be smart and bring it off. +167
Picture +165 I.....I think she's trying to tell me something. +165
Picture +164 Picture +163
Picture +161 Good job JD +161
The guy who wrote backwards is such a ******* fed… +161 if radiation is bad, send it to it's room and make it think ab… +156
Picture +153 My highest thumbed comment was making fun of fat girls. … +153
The only thing that ever killed Hitler was Hitler. So... +153 **jalthelas rolled comment #250 ** : Where's Biebergotswa… +152
Every time I hear someone on this site use the term "natu… +151 yeah but look whats in it +150
**collegedood rolled image ** How can you not realize t… +150 Well... hope he doesn't lose his head in all this +150
oh god i love this +145 He kicked him so hard his hair line receded. +144
**** . you got me. +141 Picture +141
It's actually the other way around. Aristotle stole most of hi… +141 ******* kids don't understand how natural selecti… +138
Picture +138 Picture +134
i.imgur.com/uGY6cqY.gif +134 ( ͡° ʖ ͡°) +133
I don't care if this is fake or not, made me giggle a manly giggle +133 Picture +132
He's heard of them, but he's never actually scene one. +132 oddik ,daed gnikcuf er‘uoY .ti ni nword lliw uoy dna uoy rev… +132
Picture +129 Picture +128

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