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Fake. You can't end your life if you never had one to start with. +621 You threatened to nuke America once or twice +475
Black people don't just laugh, they relocate - Chris D'Elia +425 Wow quality content, 10/10 upvoted to the heavens +414
Want me to buy you some mouthwash? +405 I am so horribly bored +394
>joshlol >sex choose one +386 joshlol you're fucking useless... here is source: +379
You can tell this is bullshit because there aren't 20 months i… +378 Picture +368
You make awesome comps +360 >ignore just getting an image link >Real cause is th… +342
Gosh she looks really happy, is she dancing at a party with he… +338 do a flip +318
after the first handjob +309 I'm beginning to see why dickbutt was banned. +290
**amusingusername rolls 10** +283 We are reaching the dangerously cheesy spectum of furry here. +274
If you've ever been to a city with a military military base, y… +263 If you're dying and you know it clap your hands +262
My anus is; ☑ Prepared ☐ Not prepared +262 'what the fuck did you put in this juice' +258
why would a school ban asthma inhalers?! because they're s… +242 Boyfriend sounds like a bitch. Take the good job and tell him … +233
Picture +233 Picture +232
Now I present EXHIBIT B +228 It's the pinnacle of humanity's attempts at humour. … +227
Fear of the moon, if anyone was curious. +223 Picture +222
>brb +220 To a teacher that threatens students with violence for not sha… +211
21 (22 soon) Male Rotterdam (Netherlands) The fact… +201 Did you hear about the mexican train killer? I hear h… +197
Picture +197 MFW I played Shadow of Colossus. +193
MFW I have 2 A's and no grade below a C, and people still deci… +192 Picture +190
I'd ban you, you fucking twat +188 Not to mention that apple's patents are pretty generic. … +187
Picture +187 Age: 18 Sex: male yes Location: Leicester, En… +176
he was delicious +176 i logged on to funnyjunk +176
Picture +174 when nautilus showed up +172
Rolling a ten and getting to pass my friends +172 Cis scum, ready to cum +171
Picture +171 his instinct to slap a ho was too strong to overcome. +169
getting offended by jokes +166 Picture +164
And then you die from infection because the Indian Doctor acci… +162 Let me try TOY BOAT! TOY BOAT! TOY BOAT! TOY B… +160
Picture +159 I watched a kid on a bike stare at me so he forgot to dodge th… +158
And a gif version +155 these fuckers last forever. had mine since the 5th grade and h… +154
Finishing Spec Ops: The Line +153 sounds like you have a shitty taste in music +152
can someone tell me the name of this person or send a video of… +150 Picture +148
This is beautiful. +147 Picture +147
Picture +147 Fuck off anon +146
"it tastes like ketchup" fucking ash ketchum +146 I don't mean to butt in, but I have a suggestion +142
The prick deserved it. +141 Picture +139
>dated this girl for a little over a year through highschoo… +135 i like to masturbate +135
did I do something wrong? +134 Picture +132
Picture +132 School Military protection Government Infrastructu… +131
god i hope not +131 Picture +129
There once was a man from Japan Whose Limericks could neve… +129 >go to boot... kind of fucked up in the head, but fuck it. … +128

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