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Whoever wrote this - I seriously want to just give you a hug f… +478 What the **** did you just do +428
Found the Social Justice Warrior. +427 They'd probably bounce off each other a little +377
i told my houseplant he was free to go and explore the world a… +327 >first +318
The moon belongs to France now... +316 She looks like gaben if she has glasses +311
and txt is an abbreviation of "text", what's your point? +296 guy = bouncer ball = bouncer guy = ball science pr… +266
Picture +264 Can we please stop downvoting people for saying TL;DR ? This i… +261
Man what the **** are you talking about? The part… +256 Picture +253
that ""Oh **** " face +246 Picture +239
Obama literally changed overnight after he got in office. The … +238 I want to spray it on myself and become invincible! +233
I **** you not, i was telling my boyfriend last w… +224 I read the whole thing. And dammit, I am kindof proud ther… +224
dragondildo, shove it in your ass when its done printing +217 Digi.Mon +217
he's like 6 +216 Tälking with dots on äll the ä's doesn't mäke you ä bette… +214
I can't find it, so I made this for you. OC, do… +212 Picture +211
Article in a nutshell: 4CHAN HAS A CUTE NEW MASCOT!… +211 TL;DR +208
Wow you are a total badass, everybody watch out for this guy +198 go to an actual psychologist, don't ask retards for mental help +182
Wonder how the saviour feels, knowing he saved a man who becam… +181 All hail dickbutt +176
Slowly but surely all of funnyjunk will go bankrupt as big tyr… +173 Picture +171
YOU CAN'T DISTRACT ME YOU CLOWN +164 Living in a household where containers are reused for all mann… +163
Picture +163 Dawoof - sanddbark +162
I feel like buying the guy who wrote this a beer. +162 coon = pejorative slang term for ****** … +161
and proms tomorrow +158 ☐ Not REKT ☑ REKT ☑ REKTangle ☑ SHREKT … +157
almost got me there, op +154 It had to be done. I'm sorry. +153
im sorry +151 How could that stand up in court?! Look how hideous is she is!… +149
>1 galaxy stretching further than you can imagine >w… +148 i can go offline now...i'm not going to find anything funnier... +147
Isn't that classed as animal abuse? +145 A pile of rejects describes us +145
are you just going through the new uploads and saying the edgi… +144 i have the .FLA file for proof +140
the second murder was the cat +137 "There's never been a war on US soil" Grant… +133
That's ok, they scare my dog too. Not saying you're less than … +131 Picture +131
That face tho. I could only imagine what was going through his… +130 Oh, is it time to post stories of plane camaraderie? +130
i read the whole thing and i dont regret it +129 Picture +125
**smileulz rolled image ** my face when I see Nicki Minaj +124 k. +123
I love you. +121 Picture +121
**thebadspellir rolled image ** Rule 34 man +120 isded +119
Shhhh It'll all be over soon +119 Kid looks like a little douche ******* faggot I w… +119
I wouldn't say that +119 so much propaganda... +117
From getting back and seeing the ********* in the… +117 Why is it always the black ants that have to do the heavy lift… +117
Dear god, the dude at fox news looks like a plastic toy, its c… +116 Picture +115
But he'll still **** on your car. Birds are jerks +113 They won't baby you in [what ever the next level of schooling … +112
I thought it was a gun range instructor, not her father? +112 tfw someone who was born before ww1 is more productive now tha… +110
God Halo 3 was ******* awesome +110 This is an opinion that you lose friends over, learned that th… +109

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