**** , she's very well behaved, knowing me as chil… +957 Picture +745
Like I care what Colonel Sanders has to say about anime. +596 This man has beaten TF2 +565
Stick this message OP The Tickets Were Free +438 Picture +414
Theres that ***** now, lets gittim … +410 I would say a child doesn't belong in parliament, but they're … +410
that's kind of honorable actually but it's only 1/3 a… +363 Every one does it to some degree. +344
Molson Export. A Canadian beer, which explains a lot of things. +342 My parents told me Hitler was a horrible person. I ****… +321
Picture +316 Good ol' common sense, nothing beats common sense. +314
holy **** its sir Topham Hatt!!!! +300 Picture +294
Picture +293 Keeping this. +293
************ +291 EASTSIDE *********** +287
If you guys are interested in me starting a series on how to g… +285 That's really impressive in the fact a dog can do that. Th… +281
Picture +281 I can name several: Black Gold Indigo Fuchsia … +273
Davidavidson is some stormtrooper **** that lurks… +264 yay I get to post this +263
Picture +262 NOT JOSHLOL. +261
gay +261 Faggots +256
Not much anymore because beard. I got off my ass to take the p… +255 Picture +254
>Good >Dies several times on normal +251 Picture +246
Getting thumbed by girlfriend +244 IF YOU DONT MAKE EYE CONTACT +242
it's true though +225 Is taking my delicious roast beef sandwich that I brought with… +223
I feel like with every one of these that come out, I'm slowly … +223 OH **** YOU CAN CUT SOMETHING INTO EQUAL PIEC… +222
Well yeah apart from the violence and often vicious beatin… +220 It is true though, the otaku's are the ones who mainly give an… +219
Picture +218 Everyday is fat shaming Friday. +218
It is isn't it... +214 welcome to fj and **** you faggot +213
watching peanutbitter's anus fall out +212 Picture +207
Oh come on, like a crying baby in parliament would stick out. +206 "The ability to taste broccoli." Mmm, yes, … +206
**** swans. Crafty ass holes +202 SLAVES TO FJ +201
Picture +199 God this feels like initiation to a cult +198
Picture +196 Simple solution. Get an erection and run at a wall. see if you… +194
GOD BLESS +194 Everyone who just is getting here: I recorded the entire show … +194
Picture +193 Cut pics: Doin them this way again because it seems l… +192
Molson Export. Apologized. Canadian. +190 Picture +188
being first +188 That first girl is so ******* gorgeous. +188
When you stopped being a dick. +188 >stole bike, uses word fam - black >returns it, mois… +185
meanwhile +184 Picture +183
Thumbs on FJ bruh +182 I literally just made a profile to view that. I've been browsi… +180
when beat sonicshall getting first +179 Picture +179
You will like this one addy. +178 We're all Wizard Virgin s on FJ +177
Picture +176 God has forsaken me +175
"pub" Britbong found. +174 Picture +174

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