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AND HIS NAME IS JOHN CENA +1106 welcome to the real world. +1096
So we ******* shoot bacon into people what a t… +654 >when you roll a critical success on bluff as a bard +536
My dearest +490 Picture +460
Almost all cops are like her. You just don't hear about… +446 Found the stripper/prostitute. +429
Well I mean, it's not like the porn stars have anything left t… +422 You know, if you wait in the car before driving off in GTA4, N… +408
I happen to be a champion at said game +378 Well, we do kind of need a new one. +358
>seriously implying kids are that nice +357 "I hate black slaves so god damn much, I want their teeth… +353
Guess where this is going +352 Go bowling. +331
Picture +324 Major Glory: Well then what does your mom do? PPGs: W… +324
Murica intensifies +314 we need more games on fj like super deep throat +311
I had some free time. +308 Okay. +307
Funnyjunk would be a feeding frenzy +304 > throw ball on the ground > shatters > you l… +295
Picture +288 Picture +287
When you're Karthus and a 5/0 pantheon ganks your lane +285 >Acting like a PC is hard to operate >Pretending tha… +273
there's also a pornstar on the right tho.. +269 actually she won a Sauna.. but still she had a choice between … +267
"Put the hammer on an elevator." "Elevator goes… +262 ******* a giant bitch would be cool >Walk i… +256
Do you really think anyone in the Justice League would do that… +255 Pretty sure someone who pays a girl to have sex with him doesn… +253
Picture +253 Thursday will never come... +245
posting as anon to get 100 thumbs, so this guy can get thumbed… +245 Is this the female version of Filthy Frank? +244
10/10 would go into massive crippling debt to visit +231 Par for the course for Tumblr. +228
Rasta-mon is ****** +224 U.S. population of 330 million 1 school shooting per … +221
New Erma. +220 fixed +218
**kannonball used "*roll picture*"** **kannonball rolled i… +208 I've seen the horrors and fetishes of the internet, but this i… +208
> Ran away with a man named Sega and come back with Lupus. +199 As little as this was needed, I made it anyway. +193
"ambidextrous with a box" The hell does this mean? +191 >Arm your troops >Fit as many as you can into dumpst… +190
They had video ones too. +183 Picture +183
you can tell by dem hips she got some good ass game +182 Ah dude that's sick I want my funeral to be a basketball game too +182
Influential People ..... ye sure +182 Picture +179
STAMPEDE! +178 wrong, many of the mebers have gone rogue/mind cotrol plenty t… +177
Picture +175 Blubber bubblin +174
I just figured this guy would be a douche like the rest of his… +174 FTFY +171
That's... that's actually kinda brilliant... +169 Picture +168
This the new trend thanks to Tumblr? Mock things relating to t… +168 Picture +168
Picture +167 You haven't done anyone. +163
Who would've thot this was relevant even back then +161 words can't describe how far i sucked my balls into my body th… +159
Picture +156 **kirukon used "*roll picture*"** **kirukon rolled image *… +153
too late, most of them have already colonised the uk +152 **kannonball used "*roll picture*"** **kannonball rolled i… +152
Mjolnir is a fixed point in space. The universe moves around it. +151 I tried +149
Picture +148 To be honest I couldnt give 2 ***** about Harry Potter,… +147
HFW they ride up closer +146 your brother might be trying to low key tell you he's gay +144

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