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Picture +1079 rip isis HQ +759
Still the best comment response I've ever seen +681 No one will believe me, but I played the Alien in this commercial. +569
you blow it just as you enter? +466 Finally we have got our precious! +453
Picture +443 Picture +435
I guess you could say it was the oldest trick in the book +374 No one will believe me, but i played the Flag in this commercial +371
top lel +349 apparently one of the things you learned wasn't how to count t… +349
I would gladly allow this mighty beast to roam my home, in sea… +347 **puredeliciousness rolls 00** +335
Picture +333 Picture +330
This dude doesn't really look any remorseful. +329 Picture +321
I once put 3 locusts into my beardies cage, I came back an hou… +315 >nobody gets hurt or offended >Leaves the guy happil… +296
I believe you. Your mother played the moon right? +273 It's the target audience. That's like a show for little girls … +264
Picture +260 Vietnam says....gg rematch anytime +259
"Gee Europe, two plagues?" +256 Never post oatmeal on funnyjunk. +241
>Parent comp getting slow >Download Malwarebytes … +237 >oh god the pain >i'm losing my anal virginity to a … +234
This guy is a fraud. I played the Alien. Proof here: +230 Alien got a fistfull of freedom +229
Picture +228 5 +224
>be 12, middle school >had an incident in public bat… +223 Picture +217
You can. A friend of mine is a cellist and she takes her cello… +216 Picture +215
>2014 >not recognizing Emperor Palpatine as the one … +211 Picture +210
I thought he had sex with his 8 year old son at first +208 This glorious pic is relevant again. +208
Pretty much sums up my sex life +204 Picture +204
That was adorable. +203 "Oh no we're just going to have to own this casino, get f… +199
PEE ON YOUR KEYBOARD, COLIN. +198 Arkansas resident here, can confirm presence of mud puddles. +192
Picture +186 Time to get mad +186
Picture +185 **quatre rolls 99** +185
the stormcloacks allways pissed me off, allways chose the impe… +183 Every single bitch in the first photo is uglier than then other +182
That hairdo though. +182 >Didn't fell off the chair 4/10 would only fap twice +172
So... I found her husband. +171 my granny is the textbook old style cute little granny that gi… +169
91 thumbs 111 favs +169 A moist owlet +169
Picture +169 >impregnate her >stop bitching bout u being the only… +166
R10 +161 mrw reading all the butthurt comments... +159
5 things I learned while being regular user: 1. Admin… +153 Here it is without the troll face +153
They want money, not to take a life. +151 Thanks to I know that is down and it's not just me. It came … +148
What teens really want are pictures, pictures of Spiderman! +147 dumb shirts +146
Picture +146 FREE TRAIN RIDE! +145
No this is not a Canadian Forum, THIS IS BEST COUNTR… +145 Hold up... +144
>vegans >eating healthy pick one +141 You just saw it ***** +141
lok at me ma im part of thrd me me +137 T3 is best astromech. +136
did you had too put the troll face +135 Sounds to me like someone forgot to thank mr skeltal +135
Picture +134 A feminist learned that men and women are equal, and ended up … +134

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