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Actual footage of Dale fighting the bear +455 ive always found that interesting, being able to walk to a dif… +411
If you listen closely, you can hear the entire world laughing … +400 What has this man seen in life to be so unimpressed? +392
the internet must've really twisted the movie for you +378 Pulp Fiction reference, swell with dead nigger storage +361
obama has gone too fucking far this time +355 **fuckoatmeal rolled image ** 1) the very opposite of defen… +352
**realvegzillar rolled image ** <- My cool trick +333 Picture +330
Considering how closely the films have stayed true to the orig… +329 my dog used to do the same thing when ever something got stuck… +322
Picture +321 **cyrodill rolled image ** +318
Picture +286 Valid? Yes. Useful? No. +270
Picture +270 *Fixed +266
Wanted to start lifting after seeing your posts and some other… +261 **nibor rolled image ** I fap to this +246
Even faggots love breasts. +242 you will never be what he was +235
I got your back bro +234 Dude's got Eminem levels of self-control. +220
is this the new scout taunt? +219 21... +219
I always have to wonder for posts like these: How did it come … +219 It would be hoorifying if a lego brick could break under the w… +218
fixed +214 fatty +213
Not better than mine. +204 >not waiting >not going outside >not pissing … +203
>posting screenshots as content +203 gimme +203
Source: simpsons +202 thats some darn impressive magic +201
Picture +198 If I remember anything from my french classes, its "bague… +194
**zerotzallander rolls 11** What's up doc +192 All non anime fans +191
**anonymous rolled image ** +191 Picture +189
hey man, you need to just let it go +187 Picture +187
look at all that funny. +184 This may be the saddest thing I've seen on FJ, as far as pure … +184
ft. USA +179 it take 262752 stacked lego bricks in order to crush the block… +177
Picture +174 He's just glad he survived labor. Good for him. +166
No McDonalds for you then +164 Picture +163
**yujisakaii rolls 88** i say 88 +161 Picture +160
That is the most badass fucking thing I have seen all week. +156 I wouldn't mind doing something like that in the United States. +156
Picture +155 Picture +154
Picture +152 Now that's Discipline +150
*reads title* Aw, man. +150 Only one thing left to do then. +149
That would be his mouth +148 It's the only obama related thing I got +148
Picture +147 ? +145
Oh shit, are dildos not bannable now? I can finally post pictu… +144 If this happened with America and Canada and/or Mexico, there'… +142
Picture +142 Picture +141
I wouldn't be able to handle seeing someone else fuck my sister. +140 idk this guy also looks like he's tired of his shit +140
> Paint face black > Legally change name to Leroy Le… +138 i know the tiger i has less than 400 HP +136
This is one of the rare cases where the first comment's actual… +135 >complains about cartoons >Katarinaismywaifu +134
it's when autism meets faggotry +134 Every time I see this post it fucking angers me that the perso… +134
I came. +131 Picture +128

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