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Is Japan even real or is it just an amusement park with an economy? +609 >dinner with her parents >she asks 'daddy, could yo… +499
He just sits in a room behind a wall all day waiting for someb… +462 **notsofriendly used "*roll rpg name*"** **notsofriendly ro… +428
Picture +406 My favourite of all time +387
Because I'm worth it +374 Sounds like a completely legit story that totally happened +351
God I ******* hate women like this. Real… +313 Call the cop white anyway, just like with Zimmerman. +313
Made this a while back. +307 Picture +293
Ten Jam Many tomato sauce +290 You see Ivan. To get high of weed, you must become weed. +264
so many +252 Picture +250
It's a hard knock life, for you +249 Picture +226
Sure is, not sure who the one in the top picture is though. +224 Pretty sure actual slaves wouldn't agree with you on the compa… +213
Angels weren't necessarily human in appearance. They … +211 This movie was actually pretty entertaining. hehe, de… +209
That's two days of work at a decent job. Did she never have to… +208 well you are if you're older, my brother was introduced to me … +204
Picture +197 Of course they do, the trick is to understand that it isn't th… +196
you're right but that was a ****** example +195 boom shakalaka +194
O-R-E-O!!!!!!!!!! +191 Essentially, thumb and comment. I was going to do this on Chri… +189
Legend of Zevilda : Wind Wanker +189 if you thought shameless reposting was bad, you havnt seen sum… +188
When she realizes that Annie is not a revenge story. +184 So thats where tooth paste comes from. +182
Told you we had black storm troopers before Episode VI. +182 that asian girl isnt very cute : ( +182
well, they both have a face I guess. +181 Picture +178
Picture +175 anon's jealous because he has a tiny penis +174
mfw hfw is the same fw mfw hfw +173 "and a few am radio stations" +171
Picture +167 >I'm not like other girls >over 100,000 notes +165
if you can't put your foot in your own mouth you need to lose … +163 No, you don't understand. It's almost impossible to find girls… +162
Picture +162 Excuse me miss, my eyes are up here +160
Hey guys, I'm going to go to sleep. I know a lot of you can't … +156 when the smart kid fails the test +156
thmath that thilverbackth thnotbockth +150 Picture +149
When there's six other people with there hands up but the teac… +148 As long as she herself isn't a nazi, I don't see the problem. +147
I prefer this...though that is a good choice too +146 Sweet Lucifer..... +146
diglutt +144 Adorable +144
They may have aged but their wisdom lives on with us +140 Yup +136
Reminds me of these +136 Picture +134
Picture +134 You gotta hand it to her, getting a bf when the other girls ha… +132
Oh look another themed ********** how original +131 Picture +131
When you calculate the answer to be 250, and the test answers … +129 Picture +129
Just imparting some knowledge from growing up in catholic scho… +128 Bitch that's ************* duplos the **** +126
Picture +126 If I heard that sound while blindfolded I would think some kin… +125
What Sony's response should've been +125 Picture +124
>Be at gym on leg day doing a cool down on a bike >i… +121 This is being shown like a victory but it's exactly the kind o… +121
What the previous Anon was trying to say was; His pan… +121 **buffygifs used "*roll picture*"** **buffygifs rolled ima… +119
Picture +116 "Literally essentially" +114

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