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Picture +556 I'm willing to bet he knew that and wrote "Green Arrow&qu… +468
A real man would have swallowed +461 They like guys who have eyes +435
How dare you have an opinion +428 Filthy Frank on holiday +400
I would stop killing him if he stopped ambushing me *… +395 Spider man Spider man Slamming into a garbage can +311
Backstreet Bombs DJ Sharia Tenacious Jihad Blink 9… +304 I don't understand how this and El Dorado failed. These two mo… +299
The real reaction 1st time you drink alcohol +293 worst people are those "I'm a backpacker not a tourist" +285
Picture +283 That ******* mango and graphic novel selection. That … +283
Every Villain: I do bad things for the good of myself Ever… +277 With their bombshell singles: "Flying my Plane … +255
how can i sticky content to the front page? +250 **professordolan used "*roll picture*"** **professordolan r… +244
Picture +233 brock is so smooth how do girls not like him? +226
Picture +219 Lactokinesis you say? +218
"What are we digging for?" "I don't kn… +216 *muffled ayy lmao +214
**tikitaco used "*roll picture*"** **tikitaco rolled image… +208 Dogs especially. They have evolved to trust us and se… +207
God damn I'm so ready for that movie +205 Picture +200
**professordolan used "*roll 1, 00-99*"** **professordolan … +198 Don't those ******* carry a bigass claw with a painful … +190
20 - It was hilarious! Lets have sex 1 - THATS IT JERRY IM… +189 bigger whole to her +184
**Tusura used "*roll 1, 0-999*"** **Tusura rolls 696** +183 Picture +183
I always wanted to be a pirate when I was little, dreams reall… +182 That's what the guy paid the bill with. He basically paid 7 do… +179
I can see why he wanted to get into that princess' castle goddamn +179 Keep in mind given their relationship he was probably being sa… +175
an interesting proposal, but unrealistic considering the follo… +173 If by polywhirl you mean Charizard, then yes. +165
Picture +160 Jihad me at hello made me giggle. +157
Photoshoppers......... +157 Picture +156
When someone is about to open your internet history. +156 Picture +154
That's in the site terms and conditions. faget +152 Yeah but there's a difference between wearing agile armor and … +151
>> #2 +150 The thirst, the hunger and the pride are all very real atm. +150
it just keeps looking better and better +149 **** bro, he clocked her straight up in the face. +147
Oh thank goodness, I thought that was going to be some repress… +147 Corrected. +147
I've seen so many booties that it's gotten boring. That fl… +145 gUYS I LITERALLY HAVE CANCER I'M STILL DYING +145
**unchaned used "*roll picture*"** **unchaned rolled image ** +145 google has no history of my traveling because GPS uses battery… +143
Did that kid just go out the ****** window +141 >talk to girl >hear nothing > **** yeah… +140
Your time to shine, FunnyJunk +139 Picture +139
Forgetting koopa trooper +138 Picture +137
Grim Fandango 2 confirmed. +137 Being a straight white male on tumblr is like +135
Picture +135 You don't even know the ammount of money you just saved me +132
This image is photo shopped, Here's the origional +131 Oh... +131
Guys can do it too +130 A perfect general... +129
I got a buddy who's sister keeps feeding their dog chocolate. … +128 alpha as **** +125
Picture +124 I'd slap ******* anybody for one million dollars. Where… +124
I wasn't a furry before I started browsing Funnyjunk, but ther… +121 I wanted to ask why these still happen but then I remembered t… +121
The worst I have is I used to rub my dick against my sheets be… +120 Picture +118

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