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Exhibit a, first comment +480 Most punchable face of the day. +452
That is 100% ******** . They had no right to enter… +422 Picture +372
I'm not sure if this is supposed to say engineers can think on… +359 >Crossbow. >Clearly states longbow. Your gif is … +338
I did the acting deaf one >got pulled over by an office… +316 I wish I had the balls to do this when people cut in line. +315
As a straight person I don't care. +315 Picture +300
**isolovegames rolls 33** Mr. Skeltal says check em'. +289 Did it for you, bro +286
Why the **** does a gif like that exist +278 bart during a cumshot +264
I close a funnyjunk tab because I'm bored, only to reopen it s… +263 Reposting top comment last time I saw this: Butter … +258
**jackmanagan rolls 99** +253 **lmOldGreg rolled image ** mfw theyre pulled out… +251
Picture +244 Let's not forget about that time that Sasuke penetrated Karin … +244
Picture +239 "It was a prank why are you so mad?" +237
Holy **** . +232 "So now I'm going to saw off your dick and feed it to you… +230
"You'll never find someone like me again" "… +230 Picture +226
Picture +222 gifted kids being autistic color me shocked +216
My dad occasionally rings me and tells me jokes and then says … +206 **rogaa rolled image ** +199
Mfw my compilation is reposted +199 I won anyway :^) +197
Picture +197 Halo - a pretty cool guy. Eh kills aliens and doesn't afraid o… +195
**anonymous rolled image ** thanks mr skeletal +192 Im on here almost 24.7 +189
Picture +188 **ryjed rolled image ** Jesus Christ. +185
Picture +185 Picture +182
He killed a shark by using its natural environment as a weapon… +181 I'm not much of a fan, but I really don't get the hate for Col… +177
Give every user except joshlol an item badge "not joshlol… +176 Picture +172
no comments? This is Deadpool we're talking about there, ther… +171 yfw only person died in WW2 by a crossbow +170
Alright granted But They wouldn't pull this… +167 Picture +162
Picture +158 Most times it does for me. +157
This was my favorite named weapon +154 Picture +149
> Says the guy who changes his show based on whats popular +148 he had me until skyrim.. +147
... No job, one online class, haven't left home in 5 weeks, ba… +146 Picture +146
Be me Get Pulled over Pretend im Deaf Officer tell… +145 Picture +145
Only if you want it to be. +140 So 400 four year old girls and one 17 year old guy +138
**sewallman rolled image ** If I wanted to miss th… +136 it is +134
dey call me cuban pete +132 Picture +131
Original is still the best doe +131 Picture +130
that didn't feel as good as i thought it would. +129 Picture +129
This guide totally worked for me. Only managed to get like a 9… +128 Now this is a ********** I can get behind. +128
first +126 Cauliflower, green food dye, broccoli +125
**anorselegend rolls 00** +125 Picture +125
Picture +124 Picture +124
Do you have any links that you could give that show gamer gate… +123 Picture +123
So I just scratched my balls. Then without realizing it I put… +122 "it was consensual" +122

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