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It's a sign +602 the blue part can melt steel beams +598
You had me on full plate +590 45 Comps and still going strong congratulations, I've gotten b… +590
Hitler did nothing wrong, but Rommel did everything right. +522 So everyone agrees she's not fat. +510
Will have to try... Will report my failure +411 So here's the plan. #50 will be the last daily comp, and it wi… +402
Tumblr: finding ways to be offended since 2007 +370 fixed +368
Am I the only one who sees potential in horse drifting here? +331 Console gamers on the other hand are completely *******… +319
Just enjoy the feels you fag +310 I love these edits +296
the last one....everyone can agree with +296 Gf Thread? Gf Thread. +291
Picture +286 YOU FOOL! Did the stronghold of security teach you nothing? +280
Picture +278 "She was so young" "I know she is safe with… +276
**kingdaniel used "*roll 1, 0-99*"** **kingdaniel rolls 99** +271 it only works if you manage to not erase the paper itself +262
Why wasn't answer "She was too fat for the bar to hold he… +262 Picture +242
throw random personal information at them, thats what they rea… +238 he may have been rolling with the Nazis, but that doesn't mean… +235
When a squirrel does that it's all fun and cute, but when I hi… +234 Moar pls +233
i know, i know, amazing paint skills +231 Look at all the funny +229
1st on the mirror tracks too baby. Oh yea. +229 Picture +227
fixed +226 Picture +218
Look at this guy bringing that vaginal **** up in… +215 I can get down with what the mohawk's saying. Yeah yo… +209
Picture +209 Picture +208
The pony scat **** +202 obliga... wutever +201
literally nobody was impressed by your dick +197 GTA V released on PC +196
Picture +194 The bubble produces light because the incoming soundwave heats… +192
NO. THIS TIME I NOTICED. +179 I wish you would be hanged and quartered, i simply love dead p… +178
MFW Reading Black Tweets. +178 Come for the bull? +174
In b&m walk round the shop to spy bitch's spot 9/11 lass, … +173 Relevant on most content here nowadays +173
kid is playing hide and go seek with his brother and he gives … +170 Just leaving this here. +166
Picture +165 sidequests be like +164
Picture +162 Runescape story time. Back on my days of playing RS, I still … +161
Picture +161 Toward the beginning of the war he was a close friend of Hitle… +160
My ancestors ran around the bogs of Scotland naked, covered in… +160 Ohohoho, you've got nothing to worry about. Trust me, "Kr… +158
Your bitch when reading about Shadowdagger the hedgedragon +157 I'll take 20 +156
Who would honestly treat their catgirl poorly? +156 Hands up don't shoot he dindu nuffin +155
No, he didn't +154 ***** that's kinda gay +153
obligatory +153 I just get really anxious whenever my phone rings and I don't … +153
That may be true, but diabetes statistics are objective while … +152 Picture +152
laina (overly attached girlfriend) being sexy, please ignore +150 Picture +147
Picture +145 That's all well and good... but the Chinese had their tea hot too... +145
I love it when people play along with jokes. It's like there's… +144 She just insulted the person she was trying to "defend." +144
Picture +144 "Well, I ride the reichcycle because it's great fun, it a… +142
"fine, just don't make me do the noises, please." … +140 Picture +140

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