i would read the hell out of a book like that +646 I agree +624
>Burning books Yet another thing why people call them f… +470 This is a dangerous grey area guys. She's blackmailing them in… +450
no, I'm first +441 Malaysia Airlines is doing the exact same thing, but it's not … +412
Sounds like an excellent premise for a Studio Ghibli film. +406 or maybe 18? or nineteen?! +400
I showed this to my brother and he literally raped me. +390 "Should I call Emergency Services?" "W… +349
And welcome to another episode of "Things that never happ… +324 Hey, this is relevant! +320
you asked for it +311 Owl's fw building the nest +311
"I have a lot of bitches because... pretty much i'm filth… +310 Picture +309
She's getting more useful each episode. +296 Picture +291
That's actually some cool deep thinking. +278 Picture +274
I feel like claims of Misogeny are becoming like the male use … +270 ******* pig thinks he can harass women like this.… +259
next week on"kids react" .. +244 Maybe because you post the same ******* picture e… +239
Do what you must. I have already won. +235 >calculators That's like saying "We don't nee… +235
Most of them just look like boobs to me now. +228 i've had an idea for a while and wanted to bounce it off of ya… +228
telling giant deers to get lost +225 "lmao cya later" More like "thanks for havi… +220
Naaaaah +206 Dylan has a valid point. +198
Picture +195 No, but we did had penis inspection days. Penis inspe… +191
As long as they're cleaned first, stripped of all thrings that… +190 A towel. I'm a ******* master death over… +190
make any joke you want this guy is a ****** badass. +188 I remember when I was 15, this was the kind of **** … +186
you're beautiful, joshlol. betaful, but beautiful. +186 Sorry to dissapoint, but reddit already solved the case... Not… +186
I want to give this man a firm handshake. Especially … +185 Daughter, you have an important task +185
We're gonna need something more appealing than the contents of… +184 The children will have a existential crisis. +182
Picture +182 Picture +178
high elves from japan +177 "Our money is the perfect combination of dead white guys … +174
I'm just going to leave this here **** … +174 Stop reminding us. +173
Asa Akira? never seen the name in my life... +169 >Put on headset >Hardcore black gay gang bang &g… +168
Actually most civilizations around the world consider the sun … +166 Picture +164
Picture +163 joshlol getting some action? I find that hard to believe +161
>England and Ireland same country don't let the Ir… +161 Either the drummer from Nirvana or the singer from Foo Fighter… +158
My neutral face apparently looks very murdery. +158 I've gotta be honest, I downvoted simply because of "but … +158
You either die fighting kebab, or live long enough to see your… +157 this would be funny if I was 12 +154
Picture +152 "Sometimes after work, I go to the park and feed the bird… +148
Gotta love Aaron Paul +148 I hate the legalization. People are so goddamned obnoxious… +147
<mfw the crocodile dundee reference +147 Picture +146
Picture +145 Ok, Ok, you asked for it so no rape charges! +145
Please don't psychologically break sonicschall. +142 It's a misconception of the bdsm community and its … +140
You probably spend days on end trying to comment first, closin… +132 Karera wa ************ no shigoto o totta! +131
A female with a drying fetish? Hue +131 but really did you expect anything else from tumblr? +130
Hit me I'm having panic attacks because I have no idea what I … +129 Picture +127
The deepwoods from the edge chronicles then? +126 "New York City has developed a special way to get rid of … +126

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