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Picture +557 This is new information for me. I'm horrified and slightly aro… +528
Achievement unlocked: Weirded out 4chan +448 This court case is actually a prime example of how feminists a… +427
some of these is just being nice and not wanting sex all the t… +403 fixd +387
In all seriousness, congratulations to this guy. Sounds … +374 >In hindsight, I should have used my shirt +354
your cousin's old. +330 Picture +325
completely untouched by the poop water inspirational +318 He can finally get McDonald's +303
He probably looked like this when he said it too +292 5469 4897 9823 1564 Exp 08/15 Visa +285
24 tons +275 There was even a post on tumblr blaming the 8 year old and cal… +275
Dude, what the **** ?! +273 just spent an hour on this im not even mad +269
haha you're adopted but really congratulations +264 WAKE UP AMERICA +243
Picture +237 I mean, who would fap to the sound of pokemon? +236
Bonus picture! Didn't come out as great, though. +235 The lines fit too well +231
Put it... Put it on your dick. +218 Thas disrespectful she birthed you +215
Your wish is my command. +213 "you see...there's this book" +207
This rape footage should be in NSFW +205 >being uneducated in history >not knowing the Earth … +201
xvideos master race +200 Picture +196
Picture +195 like in all science posts... +187
Picture +185 What the **** ? I live in America, and every m… +185
Who's Miss Dragonball z? I think he made the right choice … +183 Picture +182
The funny is that a grown ass man is in another's arms like a … +181 Just for laughs is the best prank show ever. They do unoffensi… +180
Picture +175 Well I have been on this site long enough to know when somethi… +174
omw to steal your flooded belongings +169 Picture +167
As an atheist it would be more like: "No god, no god"… +167 MAJOR SPOILER puu.sh/8e1uc.jpg +162
for the record, americans, It's pronounced "tw@" no… +161 Now that I think about it.. how many games are just 3 player, … +161
to me, DooM will always stay the same kind of awesome +157 Yeah, its your moms. +156
So what? It's about gender equality: a man would have got life… +155 either his hair grows slow, or mine is really fast. but in au… +153
Yeah sure, a ******* 7 year old said that +153 found the internet explorer user +151
Picture +150 Are all the rest of the kids there as spares? +150
If she'll cheat with you, she'll cheat on you. +148 Why would she write "My OK"? +141
You don't need Night Vision to see that something's flaming +141 Why would you even consider baking that much weed into a batch… +141
Shrek is love Shrek is life +140 Picture +140
"it's tasty, and that what matters to me." +138 Picture +137
Picture +137 But the Medal of Honor Normandy assault was the *******… +133
why the **** is the comment circled... it's the o… +132 Picture +129
About a month ago I was walking down a street in my neighborho… +129 Reminds me of this... +129
what kind of things? 4chan posts? army content? +128 > Miss Dragonball z dragonball is the only maiden … +128
>Holy **** >Finish +125 **pikapoopie rolled image ** dads fw +125
Picture +124 Picture +123
Picture +121 My one problem with cards against humanity is how some cards s… +121
Picture +121 Elevators man. Don't forget Hitlers birthday! +120

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