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*30 years from now* "North Korea has taken down their… +940 **anonymous rolled image ** this one doesn't....do the job +410
but what if i don't have pepper spray? ()() … +393 Picture +384
No faggot, can't you read? +357 **** . … +338
Pls no +326 **thelizardqueen rolled image ** what it is like to have a penis +313
the art of war is a pretty good book. you should check it out. +307 Ok so. In a nutshell. A black kid named Mike Brown r… +305
how many black guys do you need to start a riot? … +300 cuz he a goo boy +296
#JustPokemonTrainer... +282 striiiiiiipes +275
**dnallor rolls 99** but can i do it again +269 MOAR! +261
Picture +261 Actual ukraine. Cops beaten with chains and set on fire by… +247
Pluto never 5get +236 Picture +233
I once had to wait in a line to buy my gf tampons +231 I sided with the empire, but I always kill these ***** … +228
Waterproof No spreading false information on fj +227 **peezle rolled image ** Reddit's FW. +225
"Well I prefer The Windows Phone but it sometimes crashe… +222 Mine is a pimpsuit cause i wanna look pimpin when the earth is… +219
As far as I recall, this actually sorta happened during world … +213 You're one of those assholes that ruins wonder trade +208
Picture +206 My real question is, wtf is that kind of random gap in that ho… +205
That is ******* well done +200 Did you not see how he gets ready in the morning in the Movie? +185
It's BECAUSE it's random that it's great you dumb **** . +183 >Goes through all the effort of making an elaborate, detail… +174
MY VIAGRA PRESCRIPTION COMES IN TOMORROW DON'T MAKE FUN OF ME! +172 I just think it's funny, the blacks were almost in tears of jo… +169
Picture +169 White dragon is gay and wants the Black Dragon's black dragon. +168
Picture +168 these ****** wrong, it's Carved Nordic Armour in … +166
A police officer in Ferguson Missouri received a call from dis… +162 Then actually wear it on a Tuesday +162
Wow. They must have watched this movie like 300 times +160 It's called Charisma. It keeps us from hating each other like… +160
Do I click green for caring or am I saying it's funny? +159 I apologise, English Lit major here so I don't know any of you… +158
Picture +153 sometimes i sweat from my eyes +153
Me & mum was waiting in line. She said "Hold on Antip… +149 Look at that smug face +148
art is just like a video game, no one will want to see it if i… +146 I've heard of cereal bars but this is ridiculous +145
What kind of OP are you to not give any source... Here you… +145 If you haven't watched it yet, here is the video of … +140
It's gonna be **** . We all know it's gonna be … +137 My wife and I went to a club in the more shady part of town. … +137
comes with a burn heal +136 Admin deserves better. He does his best with this site and I r… +136
Picture +135 Literally every word of that was included in the announcement … +134
**** you mom +133 I have no idea who these guys I keep seeing actually are and w… +132
I always though stereotypes are stupid...until this happened. … +132 Aaand the all-time favourite! +130
Smoked weed once starter kit +129 I was worried. +128
"Hey dude what resolution is your phone?" &… +128 mfw someone else buys all the railroads +127
**** you its real +127 Open your window and yell " ****** " as l… +126
Took a bullet as well. +126 >everyone running across the border >you charge towa… +125
I hate Thalmor and the Stormcloaks +125 Not right now man. We get that it's your whole niche in our co… +124
If the horse is dead, why is feminism still a thing? +124 "Fat privilege is not having to worry about being kidnapp… +122
This is not Ferguson? +122 I present to you a black burger brutal +121
Picture +121 **rongkong rolled image ** < real image +120

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