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"Haaving three older sisters... They look ******* … +753 No macdonalds for you +540
        、ヾ:、ノノゞ,.,、   … +477 4chan post on a Tumblr post on FJ +446
I wonder what that sneaky sun of a bitch was up to for those 2… +390 I'm working on Pretty Woman at the moment +386
Found it! thanks. That's a pretty dumb spoon +385 booom +378
spent way too much time on this +328 It appears his goal is Australia. +324
There has not been a single time a women didn't yell at me for… +320 MFW I own a VHS copy of Speed that he'll never get +301
Found this yesterday +285 gave it a try +277
Actually, its dressing. +277 He must take out the Angola-Greenladisch coalition before they… +265
Alrighty, some may not believe me on this but I'll say it anyw… +257 **swordartonlinefan rolled image ** i met a vegan feminist … +253
I just love these things +250 i ******* the eyeball for THAT? … +240
I love these "grown up" versions +237 that's quite a big blue circle you drew for yourself, boy +231
this guy is stupid +230 Picture +228
I lost a chromosone reading that description. +222 Have you forgotten Commander Rourke? +221
They burned down an entire apartment complex, 2 million dollar… +219 those are glorious +208
Picture +202 Picture +192
Picture +191 Having three older sisters, I can officially say... this is co… +186
The last Christian party was pretty ******* aweso… +186 **volugs rolled image ** Dis mah favorite Anime +185
Picture +185 i don''t get this.. +180
I did something similar. I looked in a mirror and though "… +176 "What're you looking at, smooth skin?" +176
Only if wearing a sombrero in a goofy fashion, playing the cla… +174 Like this? +173
Picture +168 To celebrate moving into a new house, in Europe, the moving fa… +161
Picture +161 Picture +161
Nuke Africa, carpet-bomb Madagascar, Industrialize eastern Can… +156 what a beautiful moment +155
Why just women? All people wake up like this. +152 Picture +150
dat title +150 Picture +149
Picture +148 "Whoa there hot wheels where you going? Remember the last… +147
Its really not that difficult to tie a tie +147 Expertly disrobed 10/10 +146
Picture +144 i just can't fight it anymore +142
Aquaman. +142 Picture +142
In related news, Russia is now a planet. +141 Picture +140
You're supposed to smack it Play the game properly +139 You got a bit carried away there And I love it +139
BigGayDickInMyAss6... +138 Oh the joys of being white male CIS scum. +138
Of course you were fired. 'The customer is always right' +137 Picture +135
you see she took the men outside so that the wind would lift u… +135 Picture +133
Fuken women tried to rape him +132 hfw +129
Picture +128 Picture +127
Dispatch we are looking for a red bmw. No make that green … +126 Picture +126
htw he now has to go out and play versus grown ass men +126 This is not the greatest content in the world. No. THI… +125
"I'm bed ridden, better get my nails done." +125 Onionfairy +123
couldnt help it +123 Huh. I thought woman woke up ***** in high heels … +122

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