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rip in peace greatsofa's inbox +620 I gotta say, it's pretty ******* incredible what … +617
throw random personal information at them, thats what they rea… +584 Only forty dollars? That costume deserves at least 3K +576
Turn on Adblock and call Oatmeal +519 What have we become +498
"We completely and unconditionally surrender and will acc… +491 i thought americans love the royal family they went a… +419
I #can't #understand #your #accent. +416 Hold on a second are you trying to get us to break out of our … +407
"So you're telling me, that you chose the ginger kid over… +378 Picture +345
Damn it he even looked at it after +339 Please be a troll. Please be a troll. Please… +334
MFW That moment when you put the wrong kind of shell into your… +326 Picture +309
"PS, thumb up for all to see." You can't fool me Adm… +288 >Play guardian/support >Always get no kills, tons of… +277
You don't need a condom if you're by yourself. +269 Well, that explains why the mirror looked so disgusted before … +267
Then she claims he raped her Hfw +254 Picture +252
White guy's fw he has 7 jobs and there are only 6 people +250 Because I'm a faggot, I am deleting all comments made by troll… +248
How about a system that values hard working students over thei… +244 >Girls like that on FJ I don't believe you. S… +243
ahh... funny.... mmm +236 Those stealthy pricks in the animation department. +233
Admin Postingloudly Jackie Chan **** +233 In all fairness. I think he just didn't want to be interrupted… +222
Picture +222 I have never seen this show before, I want to see this show now. +216
I seriously cannot express my gratitude for everyone that put … +201 **glitchduck used "*roll 1, 0-99*"** **glitchduck rolls 77** +194
translation: 1 lawyer = the guy that talks to the cops … +193 Picture +192
Lost me at "what this guy does next is genius" +189 so much booty +188
Picture +183 Picture +183
I SEE IT EVERYWHERE. WHAT HAVE YOU DONE. I WANT MY LIFE BACK… +179 **** , how do I keep missing these?! +179
jetfuel because if they can't log in and comment like… +174 Explain how that is relevant and I might let you live. +171
There is no wrong choice +167 Belgium mentioned, swell with mayonnaise, beer, and a broken p… +167
This reminded me of this gif. +166 You wanna... watch it again? +164
hairy dirty uncircumcised midget dick +162 >knew a cockblocking dude and this one easy chick and they … +161
**fappening used "*roll picture*"** **fappening rolled ima… +161 Picture +158
Picture +156 Damn, magtron, GET IT +154
That's satire right. Pleaseee tell me that's satire +154 **lokkeduen used "*roll 6, faggots*"** **lokkeduen rolls Ph… +152
Picture +150 can you shut the **** up and not make ****… +150
just ******* post the video instead of multiple gifs +150 don't forget about the 5th pokemon movie +149
"Anyone else smell maple syrup?" +149 Picture +148
I like dropping this story whenever I can, so here goes &g… +147 Evilhomers pickup line +147
Basic economics will tell you that this wouldn't work and migh… +144 That door one... jesus, I know the pain of getting my fingers … +143
Picture +141 anomalous +141
I dare say most women do it for attention, whereas men do it p… +140 >Implying no one else was racist back in the 1930's and 40's +138
I think trolling works better if you use proper spelling and p… +137 >charity gets unlimited money >money becomes worthle… +137
Picture +137 Picture +136
he was not playing. he was punished. you dont get sh… +136 dear drl, Madonna has yet to live through the blitz, own major… +134
>tfw i will still never get colored text +133 Picture +133
he took it because it was on the ground which is gods will. +132 I barely know guns. I don't think I would know explosives. +130

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