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Picture +562 It's Mia Khalifa +483
"PS, thumb up for all to see." You can't fool me Adm… +418 In all fairness. I think he just didn't want to be interrupted… +413
Well, that explains why the mirror looked so disgusted before … +390 just ******* post the video instead of multiple gifs +383
Please be a troll. Please be a troll. Please… +374 Those stealthy pricks in the animation department. +345
I SEE IT EVERYWHERE. WHAT HAVE YOU DONE. I WANT MY LIFE BACK… +338 "You are a funy woman Katy. That's why I'm going to kill … +328
Admin Postingloudly Jackie Chan **** +286 Picture +282
Look at all the funny +268 Picture +252
Then his name shouldn't be Magneto. It should be Metalcontrolo. +248 Picture +245
Picture +242 Picture +240
Picture +235 translation: 1 lawyer = the guy that talks to the cops … +231
I hope the original cast of Star Trek shows up to his funeral … +230 Picture +224
jetfuel because if they can't log in and comment like… +218 I have associated Microsoft Sam as master chief. +210
can you shut the **** up and not make ****… +210 Picture +210
>Not watching enough porn to have seen them all more than t… +206 **** , how do I keep missing these?! +205
I think he's confusing Notch with the numa numa guy... +201 **glitchduck used "*roll 1, 0-99*"** **glitchduck rolls 77** +201
Picture +200 it feels like these groups that demand equality don't actually… +194
anomalous +193 >tfw i will still never get colored text +192
There is no wrong choice +190 >charity gets unlimited money >money becomes worthle… +186
Picture +182 "He's not really dead as long as we remember him." +181
Picture +174 Explain how that is relevant and I might let you live. +171
Belgium mentioned, swell with mayonnaise, beer, and a broken p… +168 Picture +167
Through the regular definition of the word +166 spot on +162
when my great grandpa died this was literally his house. he ha… +160 Nah the US constitution is in the USA +158
Picture +149 I like dropping this story whenever I can, so here goes &g… +148
Didn't work for Pyro. +147 Evilhomers pickup line +147
Picture +142 See new thing Say you've always loved it See thing aga… +141
Picture +140 bet he ****** her after +140
MFW having my brains directly plugged in to all these dank memes +140 Picture +139
dear drl, Madonna has yet to live through the blitz, own major… +138 he was not playing. he was punished. you dont get sh… +136
Picture +136 ''The **** you lookin at **** boy?'' +135
Picture +133 someone tried to catfish me with Jlaw nudes like bruh … +132
What a bitch. Why would you wear a right shark hoodie? Left sh… +131 I know that I'm apparently supposed to hate Kanye, but he's th… +130
Picture +130 When the pillow fight tournament is over +130
The woman in this specific comic has, to this day, one of the … +129 Picture +129
Picture +128 Thank you +127
NO. WE ARE NOT DOING THIS, YOU ***** +126 Picture +125
Ken M +125 all these times watching Shrek as a kid +124
how does being Jewish make her not white? +123 thanks you have great sofa. +121
Classic stuff. Have a ragecomic from the pre-cancer era. +120 Picture +120
That looks like a bullpup that swallowed a pistol. +120 do what you must, i have already won +120

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