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On her dad's fist. +779 Here it is for free then +655
yes that is what happened +480 Because the rest aren't primed yet. +435
holy hell no wonder people call us misogynists and can't take … +435 Picture +303
It's actually because early Christians wanted to celebrate his… +287 Here. +258
Picture +255 HERE IS IT FOR FREE NO ADS NO ******** : … +245
"messing with him is a fecal mistake" +244 i might be wrong here but i think he wants a tie +238
I got this 11/25... I had to stop for a bit... +223 Basically he washed out of SEAL school and won a cunt ton of m… +222
Picture +215 I hope you have a miscarriage +208
RIP to all the Tamagotchis that have **** themsel… +207 this level of stupid...... +207
Picture +198 I love how they couldn't even muster up 4 friends +196
Picture +195 if only there was some piece of equipment that could allow me … +185
Bitches just mad I got a harem of waifu body pillows +184 don't throw away your rights, bro +183
Do people who buy macs know why they're buying them/what the s… +179 oh ******* hell, I just realized how hard that ba… +178
Then do it. +176 Picture +175
We've found a wiener. +173 and than he got sucked into the turbine engine +172
two yellow centers and a double white corner in the second pan… +171 Fixed... +170
Picture +168 **illegalnightmare used "*roll cah answer*"** **illegalnigh… +168
>Female gamer >Actually being funny and relevant … +167 Xbox One uses voice commands for callouts in BF4 >Talk… +167
This made me kinda sad +167 I pronounced "plebs" wrong for the longest time. Whe… +166
Picture +162 So, because a spoiled trust-fund baby who is, in-fact, an enor… +161
Picture +160 Picture +157
I love this guy +156 I feel like the first post was the joke and he had to comment … +156
**machetegeek used "*roll picture*"** **machetegeek rolled … +153 This didn't look easy to make. Nice! +151
Picture +148 Guys, my gif might be broken +147
so? +143 Picture +142
Picture +139 You're getting **** for Christmas +138
mods and friends +137 wall-e does have laser +132
Sounds like you didn't practice your slow motion moves nearly enough +131 All the employee social security numbers being released was ju… +127
Shut the **** up and enjoy the content you fag +125 Picture +125
Picture +123 It always bugs me that the one getting the wine and going &quo… +122
the joke was kil after "show us your genitals" +120 If you keep posting CP ur gonna get banned. +118
That line was unscripted and completely improvised. +116 Picture +116
The guy is sky-diving at least 200+ m/h falling downwards. Whi… +116 Picture +115
Picture +115 peach is actually pretty hot, wouldn't you say. i'm i… +115
Picture +115 Picture +114
You do understand what you are saying... We call the cops when… +114 Oh look another anime cartoon themed *********** … +112
Picture +111 Picture +110
Picture +109 Yea but seriously, if you're getting the same suggestion from … +108
Picture +108 That's not true at all... They have video of him pointing the … +107
Picture +107 Picture +107

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