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I'm from China, and I can confirm that the one about us hiring… +765 I got some pretty big tits when I hit puberty but sadly I am a… +718
you were supposed to say out of this world +587 Justice. +581
psycho ex be like +428 mfw this comment section +358
Eduardo's FW +339 Man. He didn't just stick his dick in crazy, he tried to put … +315
if its for children how come theres so much porn of it che… +314 Picture +308
I tried to hit the play button. +307 Ooooh, I know exactly why I've got this boner. +304
Picture +287 "Biocunt" My dictionary has expanded. +283
ah, forgive me... mfw i saw the sousaphone with the tuba +282 Picture +282
>licks thumb >wipe on girl's clothes >"O… +263 Picture +250
I honestly feel horrible for the guy. Having someone you cared… +249 I went to England for 8 months. The first time I skyped home a… +246
i know thte name of that force.....comic book authors +242 Picture +234
[Popular User Circlejerking intensifies] +232 And this, kids, is why you cut your fingernails so they don't … +225
When you purposefully type Tis instead of Its +223 **** me..... some people really like making others work… +222
>eating ramen on a plate +218 Picture +204
I'm a huge thumb whore. I'm such a whore for thumbs I'll do … +203 I think the more logical answer is that he's an alien. +197
One gem looks to the other and says "Hey, What's… +195 you're going anyway +194
Picture +189 going to my content, grabbing the comments, and uploading it a… +187
Yarrr, don't forget to grab the chest +179 In my electronics class my group made a little lego mindstorms… +178
This is the first account I made in this site. +170 he's actually not at all racist or old-timey in real life. it'… +169
"Are you on more ******* pills?" T… +167 Picture +166
I'm pretty sure Clint Eastwood made Gran Torino so that he'd b… +164 Now, would you kindly thumb this comment up? +163
womyn rectal rage always gets me kekking like a hyena on black twets +160 Picture +158
Picture +154 surrealism: you have two giraffes. government force you to lea… +153
and get a handjob from Jennifer Lopez! +151 what puberty did to me +151
>There* +150 it's nearly 10am faggot +150
When you accidentally type 'yesh' instead of 'yeah' +150 Okay so a girl turning out to be a guy is a trap, so would a g… +150
So same sex marriage is legal in your state congrats +147 Now, I'm not saying femminazi's are good.. Nor am I one of the… +145
You're funny +143 This pissed me off so goddamn much in high school. I was the c… +139
Picture +137 The days are hard +136
Don't open your moth with food in it then you ******* animal. +135 Beautiful, I Approve. +135
that's a quite ****** hitbox +134 >Welcoming smile >Good work ethic >Fast servi… +133
PINSIR used Guillotine! +129 Picture +129
Picture +126 You make a convincing argument, really you do. But invading Po… +126
inspired by my real name trent +126 Nature facts with gaybird. Millipedes: Bros. Centipede… +124
Stalinism: You have two cows. The secret police takes both of… +123 Picture +123
"only" 600 dollars a day +123 Ready for the red +120
Vampire bats are also one of the few mammals to adopt the youn… +117 it sure is a funny post, op. +116
Picture +116 When I was about 10, I would have jumped on the chance to poop… +113
Picture +113 Loved the crap out of this movie +111
Sort of okay at stopping crimes I guess man! "Put dow… +110 Picture +109

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