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0/10 story have nothing to do with the lusty argonian maid. boo +692 Picture +675
I've always wanted to post this. +630 cause asking nicely isn't a thing or anything ya know +496
twenty minutes to north im in a forest twenty minutes to s… +468 HFW +431
Picture +413 That moment when the Czech Republic had bigger ball than Sony … +402
>anonymous mask as picture 10 year old alert. +374 Yarn is spun by old folks reminiscing about the way things use… +371
Picture +369 I can't enjoy this because of its blatant misuse of the Insani… +363
I don't care how creepy this sounds, but whenever that happene… +317 **crimsonhunter used "*roll 6, 10-10*"** **crimsonhunter ro… +314
Picture +311 I don't know what's wrong with my eyes but at first glance it … +300
That would be ******* genius, actually. Aerospace… +293 I have a peanut allergy so eating a snickers woud be giving up… +274
Cool story tho 7.8/10 +268 Picture +267
i have like 100 tickets and nowhere to go - air steam user +238 Well, according to Origins, an adamantium bullet could penetra… +237
Czech Republic +231 fixed* +229
Picture +227 >crying like the Brotherhood of Steel in NV Well … +227
A vegan that isn't a cunt? What is this wizardry? +224 For those who don't know. When girls make a duckface, girls ar… +218
Twenty minutes east and I'm in the sea. Twenty minutes wes… +209 Picture +207
Also being fat is something they can change, but short guys ar… +206 Picture +200
What slanderous attacks hast thou thrown against my good name,… +196 Picture +187
>be in home ec class with all girls except for me and a fri… +187 The not so Fast but still Furious: Polio drift +184
tfw u bust a nut on supermans face +183 "name something that gets passed around" yo… +182
plot twist: He wasn´t giggling about the double-meaning, but … +171 for people you don't like +171
yea, skin color +165 >> #4 , +163
For some reason this is really cute and sexy. +162 How much of a **** can you not give to be able to… +161
Picture +161 here is some great music +158
People coming out of box presents are really hit and miss though +153 Wow, like I haven't heard that one before. +153
This looks like moments before the tears stream down +153 if buying that **** will make her happier than yo… +152
Yeti still can't stay in focus. +152 I'm from Canada, and this is ********* . I've neve… +150
Its rated PG for Piece of Garbage. +143 I love these black people and money hypotheticals +142
>Live in Canada >Could bike in any direction for a w… +139 That class sounds like a bunch of ******* humorle… +138
Because they're trying to advertise a fragrance using visual c… +135 Picture +135
Dad - I do. Me - I do. >Everyone in the shop looks at me +132 Picture +132
this one? +130 Lets be real. You'd date the first bitch that doesn't run away… +129
Varrick + Zhuli > KorraSalami +128 That's because Reese's doesn't play around. They know you came… +127
the devastating effects of skooma +127 Communism would never work in practice, it relies too heavil… +126
if they cant afford water bills they sure as hell cant afford … +123 and a happy new year +122
that then grants you legal benifits +122 kids sweaters.... for the twins...just kidding around...that w… +121
>Cheating >Cheating on your boyfriend with his frien… +119 twenty minutes north and I'm in crippling debt. twenty min… +116
If i recall correctly, they murdered each other. +115 Jesus that art style is ******* awful. +114
Fixed that for you. +114 Cloaked in the cotton of their enslaved brethren. +112
Picture +112 And some people say pirates arrr bad. +111

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