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test +876 >No horribly ear splitting crying >adorable laugh at… +754
mfw he actually did it +641 The world is not ready for such beauty. +609
Just the ******* bar +502 Picture +458
when i saw 3/2 +457 It's interesting how SJWs embody some of my favourite satirica… +390
Picture +373 I find the whole waifu thing a little odd and a tad creepy. bu… +322
******* slut +321 lying spammer and vote cheaters from the brony forum (problem … +318
Picture +316 I think the quality of the content has increased a lot ever si… +310
******* hell I've been watching more **** … +309 Zoe Quinn promoting her new game +302
I have no idea what's going on here. +301 All I can picture in my head now is flying to Africa with bush… +261
The will of admin is the will of us all +259 Picture +248
4chan is now the France of the internet +246 Interesting stuff going on +244
Picture +239 >their admin is pretty ******* alpha >T… +234
4chan and FunnyJunk now, 2014 +232 The guy's lungs are black because he smokes The middle gir… +232
i want admin to sticky every mail or pm he gets from sjw so we… +231 2012 FJ best FJ +223
Someone's gonna get ******* killed before this is over. +222 I MISS RAGE COMICS. THERE I SAID IT. +222
"Wow!" Oh man i ******* lost it... +215 Then older people shouldn't have to be automatically respected… +215
So umm where will we steal our funny content from now? +208 Gee, it's almost like they're welcoming the soldiers home or s… +206
this content is actually poised to reach front page? I tho… +205 [ ] Not Told [x] Gran Toldrismo 5 [x] Told Calibur 4 … +204
Picture +204 **anonymous rolls 66** :3 +201
But Moot does lift, just look at those succulent quads +195 I didn't think Funnyjunk would actually enjoy my ******… +195
Is siteball making a comeback? +190 Picture +189
well played admin well played +186 PC=Good XBOX=Subscription and gimmicks PS=Meh Wii=… +182
Leave Moot's office. +182 This means war +181
" Apart we are but lone sticks but together we are a migh… +180 <Servants face when they cut it off +180
Picture +179 Picture +177
As long as none of our mods have a social life where they coul… +174 Fire isn't plasma, ******** . +173
it's true im really kim jong un +173 #GetRektM8 +170
nnnnnnnnnnnnn +166 funnyjunk lately +166
He is back BABY +165 Godspeed you magnificent ************ +164
<when the firefighters got there. +163 why do you guys do this +163
4chan and FunnyJunk 2006 - 2013 +158 Love the camera work +156
Well Ill be damned he actually did it! +156 being alpha on the internet is being over 5'8 and lifting more… +156
Now I'm loling at the new anon names +155 Picture +155
Picture +152 you are now +151
she looks repulsive +148 Picture +147
MFW comments +147 She scream's "oh God!" You Reply "SWEAR TO … +146
MFW I do all three... +146 The hell are they trying to accomplish with that. Waifu … +146
FJ Right now +146 I'm here! let me in now! +145
Picture +144 "Epicmaymay-Paradise" +143
You made my boner laugh. +142 no, not at all. don't think too hard about it +142

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