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Picture +506 Whether he has a crush or not. +499
They hired him because he obviously didnt want the job … +485 if she didn't appreciate that, she's not worth the effort. tha… +465
yeah, that's why I don't have a girlfriend... hehe +453 **graboidzero rolled image ** what it really was +447
ugh what's with all these themed accounts +393 Picture +389
I'm sure uploading proof of refusal to comply to a court order… +366 That takes some discipline and dedication. +360
Ha! Doctors Bills! +358 **ryjed rolled image ** hahaha for a second i thought it wa… +348
**ojezcola rolls 88** +346 Put this in morbid channel next time, you bastard. +298
Picture +293 Oh, it was a white person on a troll account, I was wondering … +292
first he has to install adobe flash player +291 Picture +287
Picture +281 Don't forget deaf musicians. +269
you seem tired, go to bed. +258 Picture +248
Gay....is a race? +246 It's because they look like ******* kernels. … +236
only cowards have fears, sasuke sama don't fear anything +217 Earth patch 35.1.5 released: -nerfed broken Jew class … +216
uchihalover comment with a bieber pic. +203 this kid's on 2 separate planes of existence +200
The gods were massive dicks in Greek mythology, I dunno if I'd… +196 I almost feel sorry for the fella. Shucks. +195
If he finishes her off with an atomic leg drop I'd watch that … +189 now put the toppings on a second pizza. +189
Picture +180 Uhm Hi boner. When did you start posting on FJ? +180
Removes nipples from people on fit, "I don't want to get … +180 Picture +177
I remeber when this was posted for the first time years ago an… +176 -pains of shopping with men- "ok i got my pants lets … +174
Oxygen gets produced very slowly. Jerry would die too. +174 Picture +174
**nufull rolled image ** there are no brakes on the ra… +171 You all laugh at this guy but you know he's a ******* … +170
for those who want it +165 just as correct as you usually are +165
Picture +161 I find this offensive. I am a floorkin and my people … +160
I have a friend who has a youtube channel with 40k subs. It ma… +160 No, people of funnyjunk, no! Do not give in to the desires o… +157
"C'mon printer, let's get outta here!" +157 Picture +151
Picture +150 So what if we use sex... TO GET MORE SEX!? +150
Picture +149 Picture +146
A little piece of me died reading this. +146 **kakaraka rolled image ** Who i'd rob a bank with +144
Have you read all the stories about what Zeus did? You mig… +144 are you trying to be the next thing +142
Picture +141 Picture +141
the song is actually really good +141 Picture +140
29 34 44 +140 I'm gone for two weeks and we get this faggot? Y… +138
Picture +138 How is this already relevant? +137
"Ugh, you may pass." +136 Everyone on this site talks white by default +132
It's actually possible that the child just has down syndrome, … +132 Btich dont delete comments, that cat doesn't belong to you and… +129
35cm≠13 inches Thats still a small pizza +123 I read the title as "Fridge midget porn." +123
Picture +118 Fixed it. +116
Picture +115 Only the 1 gives the right spacing, if it was a 0,2,3,4 or 5, … +114
Picture +114 pros of being gay: 1. you dont have to suffer this u… +113
"He might have got away with it" +113 top ******* kek, didn't expect that kind of … +112

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