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Picture +855 Picture +422
Picture +406 **anonymous rolled image ** What those ******* … +378
and the bathroom stalls would rather not talk about it +331 Even as a 1st gen American of Italian descent, I still do this… +294
I was hoping for a part where he spun around and punched her i… +293 Picture +289
and then... +286 On the map there will be three lanes. Top lane, Middle Lane an… +280
Hey Girls Did you know if you take off your… +276 As an italian, not only I confirm this but I'll throw in that … +272
>my story >tags say 4chan >8/10 "hotish&… +255 *Bart +254
It's as it has always been stated though. "Once you g… +244 My wife's gonna leave me if I don't start bringing in the gree… +226
"It's going to be a Rick Roll." It's not. "… +224 >Has internet faster than I could dream of >Doesn't … +219
Picture +212 No mcdonalds for you +212
I'm glad he was able to pull himself out of drugs and such. He… +209 Picture +197
when she feels it +192 Picture +190
Well, it's not like the people at the university are going to … +189 **sondrw rolled image ** +187
Picture +185 how I walk with a boner +182
she's smiling and recording it, i'm assuming she didn't mean t… +179 Picture +173
Looks like a ******* Hellhound out of Warhammer 40K. +172 You knew this had to be done. +170
If I were on a motorbike, I would speed up, pretending like I … +166 iforgotmyothernameexplain to the rescue +166
It's happening. It's being thumbed. The content is making fron… +164 Sure is quiet down here in the comment section +163
asparagus is a wrong, and downright bizarre, answer. well … +156 Picture +155
Wait, we weren't recording? +152 It may seem trivial now, but back then the invention of the mo… +147
Would you look at that, it's "I'm ******* ou… +144 Everytime i get to the frontpage, I stick the comment i like t… +144
**kaboomz rolls 3** +144 **rdibp rolled image ** These comments +144
Skeleton when nude-breasts when wearing robes +143 how dare you say that about my mother +143
Picture +143 it just had to be done +142
Here come the original of course +139 Progress guys~! I'm 21 years old and was (still am) self conci… +139
stop ********* my family +132 That's right, dead serious about going to Itchy and Scratchy land! +132
Shart Week. +130 She should've replied to him with "yeah, I like how your … +130
What the **** +129 Perfect gift for your favorite aunt! +129
**mrsnowballs rolled image ** what you should've haggled for +127 you must remake the glory days by *********** lik… +125
But you would mash so many keys while scrolling +120 We shall reforge it +118
Picture +118 That takes skill to let it get That Bad. +118
funny cos the actor who played reese is, in fact, homosexuale +117 Picture +116
>2014 >paying for porn +115 How long are your balls that you accidentally sit on them? +112
In other words, literally any other place is better than churc… +111 Yes and their singing is fabulous. he's a bit of a… +110
3 seconds later, the female followed the phone over +110 common fj, we could all exercise together +109
You know which one I'm talking about +109 when the ball curves away +108
<across the table +107 Middle is mine, Or I shall give food to the opposing team. +107
The end climax made me so nervous. Actually let out a sigh of relief +106 Apparently this is a scene from this movie I … +106
Picture +106 Could have gone my whole life without hearing that. +105
No ones pointed out he can sue her for that? Well assuming it'… +104 reverse it again +103

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