yea no they cant do that. Their skin has color changing proper… +1430 Picture +594
Sometimes I have no ******* idea what I'm making. +570 Son: Dad, I'm hungry Dad1: Hi hungry, I'm dad Dad2: Hi… +526
plot twist: he's leaving for college the next day +501 "You know, they say Destiny becomes a completely differen… +467
i like it +389 brb going to try that +368
am i doing it right ? +353 jesus you are retarded +345
I bet Carlos Mencia is gonna be pissed when he sees this next … +334 when your legs are covered in bugs but they still smooth af +334
Don't make me make you eat all the eggs. +327 Picture +321
So i have to be a jerk to be famous huh? Well you guy… +303 mfw the last one +296
will this ever come in handy? +293 Picture +290
Source is Sagwa, the Chinese Siamese Cat +284 this does a happen due to water is afraid of colour green +269
Picture +267 Greece is abandoning the Euro for a hat-based economy. +264
Your GIF is the real abomination here +257 maybe its because no one actually gives a **** ab… +246
Depends is a brand of adult diapers. +246 ogod it failed i got water everywhere +243
If she had them! +241 >OP >she +240
Picture +236 put ass to door have someone continuously lock/unlock door +223
That's just not true. Atoms become expanded and excited with h… +220 Picture +215
holy **** I'm glad I scrolled down +211 its not working +207
wat +207 It always bothers me when they get up so close with a gun. It … +202
Damn, where did you get that .gif from? I've been dying to see… +202 Hows about dis guyo here? +196
This is your alternative +190 >one time I had a dream I was some where creepy as *… +189
Picture +187 Picture +187
Just like your mom +184 You left out Tyr and how they chained him. Shame on you. +181
Needs more cowbell +181 Picture +181
Derude to el Sandstormo +180 Fixed the last one +178
your mom lol +174 JC Penny's fw +172
"By July 2007, Lewis had travelled over 60,000 km (37,000… +167 make fun of joshlol +167
Picture +165 Picture +164
They are still alive, just incredibly rare +163 Eat babies +161
compare myself to phannact +160 I will raise my donger and the world is much brighter +160
other then English or Spanish. +160 They call themselves One Million Moms because...they have exac… +159
That's enough FJ for tonight. +159 yesyes but can it take you to the 4th dimension? +159
Should have said "dank alleyways" +156 > not including the fact that he threatened to come back an… +155
> President Sarkeesian +155 Tingly in the donger +152
I'm going to say this. Maybe there are more stories written wh… +151 Actually its a little more gross than that. The elephant is de… +148
Can you feel it now, Mr. Skeltal? +147 no guys it makes sense, follow me on this one. men are like ca… +147
Like i have the downs +146 That last one remind of this. +146
Oh good, im not the only one +146 I can tell where the fourth reich is beginning. +145
he looks like a bond villain +145 Picture +139
question life +139 lol +138
Kim possible season 4 episode 21-22 "Graduation" … +135 **** it, why not +133

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