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"damn retarded kid is gonna kill that guy holding the bow… +1109 Picture +653
Question when did I get a cat +610 That ended up a LOT better than i though it would. +608
Edison was one of history's biggest assholes and if not for hi… +592 Picture +574
which one? +539 Picture +538
Picture +499 Use my training! +492
dont fink i didnt see u m8 cheeki little wotsit +486 100 calories of beef: 48g 100 calories of broccoli: 327g … +436
I work as a gas station pump attendant so here's a couple shor… +428 Yes, she is a whore. But goddamn if she isn't the BEST whore. +419
I live in Oregon and this is not true. +408 Pretty sure they did, it is in its original quality, and lucki… +397
Has sonicschall intimidated you, admin? +388 no sanitarysan, top hat is not a gender +369
and now your going to put your dick in her +367 Picture +357
<Real American Hero +349 **somedayquads used "*roll 1, 0-9999*"** **somedayquads rol… +328
Picture +315 Picture +310
Gif semi related. +284 HØHØHØHØHØHØHØHØ +280
"Will it be about food?" >No, it will be abou… +273 Picture +268
Did you Just compare Frozen to the first pokemon movie. … +267 When I saw the guy walk up behind him... and the boy's face, I… +261
> Tommy Turner He's the modern Teen Wolf. +256 Go **** your girl and live your ******* … +252
>MFW people actually give a **** what retail e… +240 blacks kill more blacks than the Klan +232
Shower curtain. It felt smooth but it ended up giving me the w… +231 Picture +229
That's what you get for having another god damn weed profile pic. +229 bitches be like "im still a virgin" +226
I hate ever hearing people talk about furries as just a fetish… +219 Picture +209
HFW he plays CoD. +208 Your on the side of the criminal domestic abuser, bugler, and … +207
Clever girl +202 I once tried to download an episode of the simpsons and ended … +199
That would be implying that it could pleasure someone +198 great funny guy +196
one of my favourites +194 "Where did we go wrong?" +193
Picture +193 and im just sitting here in america with my overly expensive e… +190
Leaving someone over certain habits is perfectly acceptable. F… +190 MFW I'm an Oregon resident and totally agree with this. We are… +188
Picture +188 gram!=calories nor similar what is quite misleading which … +188
Now we can all send her dank memes and dick pics. +186 Asking xskullgirlsx if skullgirls is any good +186
I was gonna thumb up but then I saw the cat ears and the tail. +184 I think that's udderly fascinating +180
She want that Double D +176 Pwetty please? +176
**** you Jeff I hate you but the pussy game ridiculous +174 This is my biggest pet peeve while driving, ******* … +171
If you say "So?" to someone getting a PHD, you have … +169 ask didnt you use to be a boy +167
What the actual **** did i just read +164 Everyone might think this is gay, I thought it was a beautiful… +163
**** I can't even do this **** right… +162 Diversity is achieved by disparity, bringing people together b… +162
Weird Al Shreds +158 On all levels including physical, I'm laughing at you +158
keep going +158 REAL scientist BRO +155
"News flash, Skippy, animals don't HAVE names" … +155 I swear they're running out of ideas +154
Possibility 11 It's the jews It's always the jews +152 Picture +151
All jokes aside, am I the only one who has to watch things sta… +150 samezies +149

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