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**ryjed rolled image ** +1627 Imagine a bunch of 6 year old girls flopping their dicks at 1 … +899
BRING DOWN THE RAIN OF RED THUMBS! I TOOK THE CHANCE AND I … +808 See you faggots on the other side. +789
Picture +775 Picture +664
Not really, but still sexual harassment. She will get over it,… +494 I hate it when I all my necks +455
Questions are raised by the fact that this particular dad see… +417 Marry ten year old, take money, don't **** ten ye… +404
I second #3, you can't ******* go around saying p… +363 I'm 19 and there are people younger than me having babies. I s… +349
Picture +325 right, because all the roads are supercooled and **** +315
in this single moment a girls life is destroyed in seco… +308 Gotta protect them astronuts +308
men are ******* pussies, however some like … +288 Picture +282
People who dont see this post but see the site down +279 Everyone loves Zuko. +278
Picture +271 Not sciencexplain, but stepping up: It's not actually air,… +263
That must be a real pain in the ass. +260 Forget about double standards, why should any kid be around ad… +243
**zeroqp rolled image ** giggity +242 I kept thinking that her nose was getting longer and longer wi… +226
Deleting a comment with Green Thumbs. +225 > I didn't have the heart to tell her I wanted to feel a hu… +217
Woah woah woah? When did they allow the adults to see the fair… +216 I´m not saying it´s Hydra... but it´s Hydra! "… +212
To *executive produce stockperson* +212 or as this question is better known, "to be sau… +210
**ryjed rolled image ** +206 Picture +206
I think it's time both shows just stopped. Tired, re-used … +204 That's a Redback spider. It's one of the most feared spiders i… +200
is this post to imply that north korea isn't in fact best korea? +198 So basically you're telling us to go out and get real lives? +196
We already created that society. ALL modern feminists are play… +194 99% of the time +189
**felixjarl rolled user europe ** +187 Picture +186
They know to make it fit +181 Picture +180
Player 2.5 has entered the game. +174 Walk into store "I um... I wanna buy that..." … +174
If it's down forever, then i'd just like to say that it has be… +173 Reminds me of a story Stephen Fry told on QI (quiz show) once.… +172
Faithful relationship implies no affair. +170 This guy have done more comics about hair than I saw in any ot… +164
O-oh... really.... well... um you too... +163 half life 2 confirmed +162
u ded u hella ded +161 **travrob rolled image ** this is my most secret fetish. I … +160
I swear Dorkly makes the same joke every comic. OMG V… +159 >Morrowind combat system +158
Picture +156 The feces on their looks! +156
This is going to sound brutally heartless, but... The… +155 They didn't just die in the same year, the died within 8 days … +154
it would still be illegal, just nobody to enforce THE LAW... +154 Picture +152
"I have an army" or is 2012 still to … +150 extremely low +149
**ThatFatMummy rolled image ** the boss +149 I hope I'm not the only one who saw it +146
Finaly! For once this is relevant +143 I imagine it was a joke, and not a serious thing. Present it a… +143
Last one did not work +142 you mean lim h->0 C-|h| +141
mfw Scumbag Steve's attempts at staying relevant +140 that was great, quality content right there! +140
**thebluejakel rolled image ** my wife's excuse for not hav… +139 The third one still completely looks like a guy. +137
Look at all that funny. +137 "but wut if duh kee dont fit" The Keyblade can u… +137
Seeing as how the video is 90% dislikes, I'm guessing people a… +136 Pardon me miss..... +135
How do you guys have my picture? Another pic of me f… +135 yeah, your hand is a real trooper +134

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