I like this dragon, this is a nice ******* dragon. +649 Admin's drunk again +589
Picture +542 Picture +420
So it's either cooking meth or have a billionaire friend...see… +420 Yoshi. +373
brcause u hear with ear hear = 4 letter cor… +368 >couldn't balance a coin on her cock +364
G ay people A re all Y usually gay +355 Picture +313
Picture +306 that dragon is nice +284
That's a feature +283 That was actually pretty clever. +269
MFW penishands +267 And then remember that you are NOT Mozart and get working. +265
To bad that smile was just another mask +264 So Wolverine was when the military tried to weaponize gay peop… +260
Picture +257 me +255
The look on his face. +246 Picture +243
Jordi's twitter is best twitter.. +240 You're a bit late to the rage fest, friend. +238
Picture +235 If you pay for sex and put it on camera, you'll need a license… +234
Picture +232 Now i'm reminded of how unfunny I am, thanks addy. +231
Picture +229 Picture +228
Even if she was my cousin. I have a romantically unh… +227 what a dastardly deed +219
"oh fun, RACISM." What the **** … +214 I did a great job, didn't I. +214
Picture +213 All that effort and then he's using a GTX 590? C'mon man … +211
Yeah, but the amount of Black Twitter content would probably g… +201 The surgery was a success +201
I've only had one girlfriend, but she knew a lot of positions. +200 i thought it was going to be about the new game Evolve,but i l… +200
MFW I was internet pals with a chick for 3 years. MFW I to… +198 I NEED 30!! +197
Are you sure it wasn't your spelling +192 Picture +192
"Okay, and what address will we be shipping the replaceme… +187 Picture +187
I love the movie and I'm not trying to make a point, but imagi… +185 Well to be honest, Orlando Bloom is pretty sexy. +180
Picture +180 THATS ME HAHA +179
>No feces-covered spikes at the bottom Are you eve… +178 Neutral check? Justified. Don't wanna stall and look like a du… +178
Ive never had a girlfriend, or even kissed a girl. I thi… +170 I read rideable as "reliable" and I thought it was p… +169
Yes +158 Picture +155
Picture +153 His daughters always cry in the kitchen? I wonder why +153
he really wants a hot dog +152 *roll 2* +148
I see no difference +148 Picture +147
Can you blame him when his gf's titty game so strong they tran… +146 Here's something funny instead +145
The thing about the show was that it actually helped me realiz… +141 drugs hit you hard like +140
Well don't ******* drag me into this. +139 Picture +138
Picture +137 ahh yisss... the second age of comps have arrived +137
SPAAAACE +131 So you mean I wouldn't have to look at the same ones for a 3rd time? +130
I like this dragon, this is nice ******* a dragon. +126 Had to be done. +125
I only ever get thumbs when i post this picture +123 FEED ME SWORDS AND **** +122
then she is one of god's chosen ones +122 why i want to move to asia or some place and be a hermit +121
how to pick up heavier yellow chicks +119 Here is actual sauce: plz sticky this or upvote it … +117

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