I MAILED YOU A BOMB! THE F-BOMB! HAHAHAHHA … +897 He found his dad? +514
Picture +495 Internet dank meme specialist with traditional screen. +480
18 female in your neighborhood wants to ***… +476 Pickers of Cotton. +467
10/10 would give a sock +449 Only a woman is paranoid enough to call his other friends when… +392
That's just what an under-cover Black Science Man Alien would say. +391 my mom used to tell me that if i touched her cigars she would … +387
Don't forget to include my finger +382 Professor trying to grade 200 exams in a single night. +339
We must go deeper. +327 vaccination is pretty saving children lives, and it should be … +312
Picture +309 This man has beaten TF2 +304
but i like chocalate covered raisins +299 Who even cares about this **** ? +295
Myself at grad. Be gentle. +291 No, he is suceeding to be funny +285
How dumb can you be, don't stand on the ****** road +285 Bottomkek +284
God, I love the users on here. Special thanks to postingloudly… +283 furst +280
Did you have your hand in a blender while you were typing that +274 Oh god.. imagine slipping in the shower.. +268
Must be a forest down there +267 What actually happened +267
The way funnyjunk sees it +265 holy **** its sir Topham Hatt!!!! +264
Anon broke the bro code. gratz to him for passing the ultimate… +263 Picture +250
I can't Understand Your Accent +239 You bastard Thought you could sneak it in there +239
Drake's kind of porn. +234 I did this before dude with another dude's content No one … +233
Every one does it to some degree. +232 that's kind of honorable actually but it's only 1/3 a… +211
Picture +204 Picture +203
wow, much answer, very done +202 My parents told me Hitler was a horrible person. I ****… +201
my dongers +193 Simple solution. Get an erection and run at a wall. see if you… +193
You must not have much of an imagination. +191 Look at me, I'm ALL the captions now. +190
When you accidentally say ****** out loud next to… +190 **vocalvocarooguy used "*roll picture*"** **vocalvocarooguy… +189
This lovely chap. +187 no you can't use my shower +186
Picture +183 when you said "rigged" did you mean put a projector … +177
There are like 5 ways to avoid this you lying piece of … +176 Fake: she has a natural beauty. +173
It's an actual Feminazi +169 Facebook has changed a lot. +166
Basic Statistics: Age: not comfortable with Nationali… +164 Picture +161
Someone bout to lose some friends +161 Picture +160
Picture +159 Davidavidson is some stormtrooper **** that lurks… +158
You doubt it's power?! +158 Programming while mastrubating +158
do it for mr skeltal +156 Nope Recast There can be only one real life Belle. +156
Picture +155 it's true though +154
Picture +151 he wouldstill turn invisible, but sauron would be totally like… +148
mfw hunting antelopes but mufasa steals my kill and flips me t… +146 what real anti-social people look like +145
Reminds me of this one. A jewish man and a black woma… +144 My dog once tore apart the remnants of a deceased cat. That wa… +142
Picture +142 >Queen of England >Giver of ***** … +141
Well once he became white it couldn't have been that hard +140 Nuns with guns? The NRA just came in there collective pants +139
>FJ is full of ************** Jesus C… +139 I hope these will never end. +139

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